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2019-06-21 09:19 53008878 Anonymous (1557429920726.jpg 480x480 40kB)
>egf of a great many years leaves me >after drunken haze of lunacy start lifting and bettering myself >actually proud of my progress and feeling kinda good >old e-female acquaintance gets back into my life >she gets really friendly with me >go with it >always had a thing for her anyway so this was a great >start spending a lot less time together but keeps telling me she needs me and wants us to be a thing badly >spend even less time together >lose motivation to workout >months pass >become depressed >haven't heard from her in weeks >at a complete loss Not sure why I'm posting this. Oh well.

9 min later 53008960 Anonymous
>>53008878 Females will drag you into the game and kick you out the next second. It's important to not lose track of yourself in the process. It seems impossible to do when you're depressed, I know it, so that's why you always got to be prepared by not putting 100% of your emotions into any girl ever

11 min later 53008976 Anonymous
Classic case of an energy vampire. She got you in orbit, sucked you dry, and spit you out.

12 min later 53008992 Anonymous
>>53008878 Get a sex doll. Have a relationship with the sex doll. Ironically it's more meaningfull than anything on a fucking screen.

13 min later 53008995 Anonymous
Time to improve again! yay!

13 min later 53009005 Anonymous
>>53008960 This is so much so the truth and I even told myself this. It started with me taking a very indirect approach to her advances. I managed everything carefully. I waited to see what her intentions were and what I meant to her, and why. I kept telling myself if there comes a point when losing her would hurt me I'd have to let her go as to not jeopardize myself. Yet somehow even with all my precautions she managed to assure me on a cognative level that this was safe and I ...I lost motivation and the will to even focus on myself. I now find my mind in a rut and just completely devoid of purpose or drive. Why did I let this happen...

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