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2019-06-21 09:17 53008855 Anonymous (1561098948039.jpg 706x521 48kB)
why does everyone get triggered whenever this is posted? "It's fake fucking retard" "That's shopped you stupid fucking fag" "Old and shopped kys" Every time i see it posted somewhere on 4chan the replies go that way. We KNOW it's fake obviously but it's interesting that it elicits such a strong reaction when it's posted as opposed to other numale mockery. Why does everyone leap to defend the numale on the pic? Is he genuinely a good guy or something? who is he? I only ever see this type of reaction to this pic and there are MANY fake and shopped numale memes out there that nobody cares about

3 min later 53008887 Anonymous
>>53008855 No clue but this pic makes me mad bruh.

9 min later 53008943 Anonymous
>>53008855 ive never seen anyone defend him, why the fuck would they

12 min later 53008970 Anonymous
Is that where that face comes from? ah Second worst after the clown pepe I guess, but I can say 4chan has currently any good meme going so meh

24 min later 53009066 Anonymous
>>53008855 It might not be factually real but it's emotionally real. That's my rationale

27 min later 53009094 Anonymous
>>53008855 First time I've seen this edit myself, I think it's pointless to wonder why anons do things desu. But I will say that they love flaunting their knowledge no matter how trivial, such as pointing out that it's a shoop.

55 min later 53009299 Anonymous
>>53008855 Nintendo is unironically kino

2 hours later 53010017 Anonymous
>>53009066 >it was real, in my mind organic oregano

2 hours later 53010039 Anonymous
>>53008855 >Is he genuinely a good guy or something? The thing is a lot of "good" people have a lot of terrible and obnoxious qualities. Being good does not invalidate criticism.

2 hours later 53010066 Anonymous
>>53008855 >Why does everyone leap to defend the numale on the pic? Literally no one does that.

2 hours later 53010082 Anonymous
>>53008855 Nintendrones are rabid dogs.

2 hours later 53010086 Anonymous
>>53010039 No, but criticism and slander are two different things. Imagine how it feels knowing that a bunch of people who never leave the house and want to commit genocide over not being able to have sex jerk off to how much "manlier" they are than you. It's like a bunch of drug-addicted hobos passing around pictures of your house and car and laughing to themselves about how terrible your financial decisions are, all based on how you look. For a place that supposedly is a refuge for the bullied, /r9k/ never passes up a chance to bully themselves.

2 hours later 53010211 Anonymous (flat,800x800,075,f.u2.jpg 644x800 72kB)
>>53008855 He is literally pic related. Dude's memeing

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