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2019-06-21 09:13 53008817 Anonymous (miracle.jpg 1368x1232 289kB)
just smile and transform your face into chad

1 min later 53008830 Anonymous
Why does the Chad shirt say "Ouch!"

15 min later 53008956 Anonymous
Not with my fucked up teeth

17 min later 53008983 Anonymous
>>53008956 not really for anyone, it's a joke making fun of the upper picture

19 min later 53009002 Anonymous
>>53008817 With all the plastic surgery and stuff available to men now, there is basically no excuse. >few millimetres of bone just get a jaw implant or something

28 min later 53009072 Anonymous
>>53008817 >fashion >a fucking corny ass wolf shirt topkek

33 min later 53009117 Anonymous
>>53008817 this desu. haircut is extremely important. I realized I look so much better with that fucking hitler youth undercut

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