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2019-06-21 09:12 53008802 Anonymous (01_SPoW_051119.jpg 2400x1800 913kB)
Somewhere out there, in the vast nothingness of space

4 min later 53008856 Anonymous (1557238591042.jpg 800x920 76kB)
>>53008802 Is a waifu just for me

41 min later 53009170 Anonymous (ocean-3264053__340 (1).jpg 510x340 29kB)
>>53008802 i would like to escape

42 min later 53009178 Anonymous
>>53008802 Is a happy me ;_;

44 min later 53009193 Anonymous
>>53008856 Yeah mate im sure.

53 min later 53009250 Anonymous
>>53008802 >ywn explore and live peacefully and alone in the vast nothingness of space

1 hours later 53009323 Anonymous
goood thread thank yuuu .

1 hours later 53009354 Anonymous
>>53009250 You can try space engine, its pretty fucking scary the first time you play it and get lost

1 hours later 53009376 Anonymous
>>53009354 I never understood the fear of space travel If you had enough supplies youd be fine As far as we know there is nothing out there

1 hours later 53009393 Anonymous
>>53008802 pendulum? https://youtu.be/gIOQfdn9L9c

1 hours later 53009419 Anonymous
>>53009376 You can literally get stuck inside your space ship if you lose momentum somewhere where there's nothing to push off of. Then you're stuck floating there.

1 hours later 53009432 Anonymous
>>53008802 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsZ FUzkVScU

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