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2019-06-21 09:05 53008714 Anonymous Femcel thread (17B5DE6A-2233-4245-9769-EF9F5EA6A531.jpg 638x749 98kB)
I've never been approached by a human male my entire life. They don't even look at me nor acknowledge my existence. So I can't imagine myself getting into a relationship, seems like a pipe dream to me at this point. It's kind of sad to think about, since everyone else is in one and makes it out to seem easy for them, like if they can get in a relationship why can't I? You know? But I think in my case I'm way too different and too outcasted from everyone else, so that might explain why. At the same time though, no guy has showed even a sliver of interest in me, so I can't really control my own outcome. I also believe that people in my area are way too self invested in achieving some major life goals for themselves, or they are too busy having fun and having plans with their loved ones/friends, or busy with wage slaving that they might not even have time or room looking for a relationship, or maybe they are already in one, so what would be the point? Hmm.. I'm just rambling at this point but this is how I'm feeling at the moment.

2 min later 53008740 Anonymous
>>53008714 Please be my gf, I will show interest in you and acknowledge your existence at the time of your choosing

4 min later 53008762 Anonymous (1200px-No_Israel 2.png 1200x873 52kB)
>>53008714 You can literally sell your under wear and make a living. Fuck off.

4 min later 53008764 Anonymous
>>53008714 Femcels dont exist. Get out.

8 min later 53008813 Anonymous
>>53008740 post contact kindhearted anon

10 min later 53008840 Anonymous
>>53008813 wiregel#3229

13 min later 53008867 Anonymous
It's a tranny LARPing as a femcel

17 min later 53008903 Anonymous
>>53008813 robot9002@protonmail.com Ignore the discord larpers, think there are 4 or so of them jumping whenever someone says post contact

17 min later 53008905 Anonymous
>>53008740 >>53008813 >>53008840 Aww man, looks like I was too late. I hope it works out for you two at least.

24 min later 53008965 Anonymous
>>53008714 go on tinder and get 1000 matches

34 min later 53009051 Anonymous
>>53008813 HI anon, not sure if you're adding other people but my discord is 0722#0722 if you'd like to talk too.

55 min later 53009219 Anonymous
where are you from?. I'd post my contact but you have enough people as it is...

56 min later 53009224 Anonymous
>>53008965 or go on /r9k/ and get 1000 discords and protonmail addresses lmao

57 min later 53009226 Anonymous
>>53008714 >FemceI na

58 min later 53009241 Anonymous
>>53008714 Oh MY GOD WOMAN, get a grip.

1 hours later 53009265 Anonymous (c7853fc8aa780c1bbf5ba5afbdf20e70c54edc5e099e66a915acfcc07c9e9fa4.gif 500x364 315kB)
>never willingly had sex or dated >not really attracted to either sex >never had even a crush on somebody >not sure if I'm asexual or just supremely autistic

1 hours later 53009270 Anonymous (0f3.gif 500x281 1845kB)
Where the chubby girls at im still questing after my loss to talk to one this morning

1 hours later 53009320 Anonymous
>>53008714 >I also believe that people in my area are way too self invested in achieving some major life goals for themselves Blame others for your failure

1 hours later 53009353 Anonymous
>>53009320 idk I would kinda agree with this. I live in a techy city.

1 hours later 53009501 Anonymous
>>53009353 >I live in a techy city. It makes no difference

2 hours later 53009978 Anonymous
>>53008714 >I've never been approached by a human male my entire life. It might be very unconventionl, but maybe you need to make the first move you know? It is better than whining about not being approached.

2 hours later 53010014 Anonymous
>>53008714 how about you fucking shower, stop being a fat shit and learn at least a bit about fashion? that's all you need to do as a woman

2 hours later 53010034 Anonymous
>>53008714 I'm currently friends with a femcel. It's an awful fucking experience. I don't recommend it

2 hours later 53010123 Anonymous
>>53009265 >never willingly had sex or dated >willingly Going to go ahead and chalk this one up to trauma

2 hours later 53010135 Anonymous
>>53008714 When I see posts like this one I wonder if you're just kind of weird and live in a really conservative or small country where you never meet anyone you click with, but if you were in a major US city you'd have no trouble "finding your tribe" so to speak.

3 hours later 53010248 Anonymous
Every fembot thread should be autodeleted. There are zero women on 4chan

5 hours later 53011050 Anonymous
>>53008714 >group therapy crush is leaving for six weeks >I texted him to say bye yesterday afternoon and he hasn't responded I'm actually pissed, he went off on this whole monologue earlier this week about how he feels like nobody likes him or wants to talk to him for more than five minutes yet he's ignoring me. Is it because I'm unattractive and weird?

5 hours later 53011141 Anonymous
>>53008867 this femcels are aware of their power over losers but they still crave for chad they are like the robot losers desu who crave for stacies believeing they will ever have a chance

5 hours later 53011151 Anonymous
the fact that the first post was a guy begging you to be his gf ought to tell you that "femcels"dont exist

5 hours later 53011156 Anonymous
>>53011141 Fembots are just temporarily embarrassed Stacies

6 hours later 53011738 Anonymous
>>53011050 Either that or he's sperging out and too anxious to reply.

6 hours later 53011950 Anonymous
>>53011738 I would love to believe that, but he is a good 4 or 5 points above me.

6 hours later 53011962 Anonymous
>>53011050 >Is it because I'm unattractive and weird? Well yeah.

6 hours later 53011996 Anonymous
>>53011151 You don't actually believe robots ask that genuinely, do you? Multiple times now I've actually complied, but they just end up confessing they were just shitposting. Never live near each other either so it's more or less useless.

7 hours later 53012235 Anonymous
>>53011996 Was that before or after you sent them pics?

7 hours later 53012340 Anonymous
>>53009978 this advice is always trash. yes, of course women can and should make the first move occasionally, but you're missing the point of them mentioning not being approached as an issue: men normally approach women. if you have female friends (as a female) and all you hear about whenever you hang out is how annoying guys are whenever they get hit on all the time, it makes you feel some type of way. ugly at worst and some nebulous type of flawed at best. it's even worse whenever you get compliments about being attractive from strangers outside of your dating pool (meaning olds or people not in your preferred gender.) if i'm so fucking attractive, why can't i get a date like all of my friends, etc. it's like being gaslit by a whole fucking gender.

7 hours later 53012433 Anonymous
>>53012340 >"Waaah, why don't I get hit on." >Gets hit on by people she doesn't find attractive >"Waaah, why don't I get hit on by men who fullfil my criteria?" And your reason you want to get hit on is't romantic but to get validation by being annoyed and reject guys you find attractive.

7 hours later 53012456 Anonymous
>>53012433 yes because getting told, as a young straight female, that i'm attractive by 60-year-old men and well-meaning females does a lot for my prospects in dating. like, a whole lot. why not just fuck women and old dudes, right? they're legitimately interested and not at all being good people to a stranger. fucking idiot, learn how to read.

7 hours later 53012651 Anonymous
>>53011996 yes, I'm genuinely asking you right now

7 hours later 53012684 Anonymous (6-least-attractive-27-least-attractive-how-men-rate-women-9666472.png 500x838 32kB)
>>53012340 >you're missing the point of them mentioning not being approached as an issue And you're missing the point of the advice. Yes men not approaching means OP is probably not very attractive for some reason. But that's obvious, and it's something most men have to deal with for themselves. So of course instead of the useless pity you seem to expect, when you ask us you get advice on how to overcome.

8 hours later 53012816 Anonymous
>>53012456 Or maybe guys aren't approaching you because you have a bitch face that matches your bitch attitude. You said right here that it hurts your ego when your friends talk about how they get approached but you aren't. >if you have female friends (as a female) and all you hear about whenever you hang out is how annoying guys are whenever they get hit on all the time, it makes you feel some type of way. ugly at worst and some nebulous type of flawed at best.

8 hours later 53012842 Anonymous
>>53008714 >I've never been approached by a human male my entire life. Have you tried ever approaching?

8 hours later 53012854 Anonymous
>>53008714 >>53008740 look at the time three minutes THREE fucking minutes to get a bf this is a """"femcel""""

8 hours later 53012871 Anonymous
>>53011996 If you're a fat EU fembot over 30, I'm interested.

8 hours later 53013037 Anonymous
I was the same, i lived quite an isolated life though. At best i was ignored in high school. Mostly i was bullied for being ugly and weird. But this doesnt mean nobody will date you, it just means you need to make some concentrated effort to find a lasting relationship but also be wary of men just wanting to fuck. You just sound like youve isolated yourself and got used to this reality op. It wont change if its what you believe. Hot girls get approached, the rest of us need to try harder and have other things to offer. My ability to socialise is still fucked from my childhood but i know im not entirely unlovable so im working on being a confident well rounded person who can bring something to a relationship instead of a self loathing blame shifting sad.sack

9 hours later 53013192 Anonymous
>>53013037 I used to know a girl like that. Did you have a bit of a moustache?

9 hours later 53013602 Anonymous
>>53013192 Eh no. Any other physical or character traits youve surmised from a paragraph on 4chan

9 hours later 53013769 Anonymous
>>53013602 I wasn't trying to insult you. I just mentioned the rarest characteristic about her to eliminate the posibility of you being her quickly.

9 hours later 53013784 Anonymous
>>53008714 Why is the Femcel Wojak, Jessica from Dragon Quest VIII?

9 hours later 53013796 Anonymous
>>53013769 Thats not even rare anyway. Plenty of girls have facial hair

10 hours later 53013867 Anonymous
>>53010014 >>53009501 >how about you fucking shower I do that all the time. I even started doing Korean skin care. >stop being a fat shit Literally anorexic at this point. Sad part is I have no tits. >and learn at least a bit about fashion? This I could improve. Thanks anon!!! >that's all you need to do as a woman Wow *crosses fingers*

10 hours later 53013898 Anonymous
>>53013867 nice job, I now acknowledge your existence and have a sliver of interest.

10 hours later 53013952 Anonymous
>>53008714 hey femanon, another femanon here! I honestly haven't been approached that much either, but it has gotten better recently, and here's some friendly advice from a fellow female: 1) Know your flaws, and work towards fixing them. 2) make yourself a more desirable person and work on your personality. start with something simple:like finding something that interests you, like books or poetry, or cooking or all three! 3) build better connections with your family - trust me, sometimes they know a thing or two and they can be of help 4) work on being a better person in general: don't talk bad stuff about other women for example, I know I used to do that and it's something both women and men find unattractive. 5) If you think you need help, get it! I had an anxiety disorder for 5 years, and finally getting therapy helped me a bunch! that's it, all I can think of,take care, femanon!!

10 hours later 53013974 Anonymous
you must be really fucking disgusting if that's the case. Sorry to tell you but you seem to be unaware. Try googling "hygiene". Should fix your perceived issues.

10 hours later 53013987 Anonymous
>>53013952 the only therapy women need is a slap in the fucking face

10 hours later 53014039 Anonymous (20190320_140229.png 500x358 324kB)
Tits or gtfo Also, let me guess, you're a female (male)? Nobody likes a tranny.

10 hours later 53014048 Anonymous
>>53013952 also, fashion is kind of important, 1940s/1950s style is timeless and attractive, so might I suggest that? and set yourself some goals and work towards them make a bullet journal - helps a ton! If you're not ambitious you can become ambitious. And don't worry too much about what incels on r9k say, they're mostly ranting because they have an awful life, and this is their only way to vent. I believe in you, femanon!!!

10 hours later 53014066 Anonymous
>>53008740 im looking for someone too but in the USA. i have bad luck and only get replies from EU malebots

10 hours later 53014074 Anonymous
>>53013987 I mean, that's both mean and untrue. But you do you, good luck in life with that attitude!

10 hours later 53014278 Anonymous
>>53013952 Thanks. This is the best advice here. The flaws I have are physical and I hate the way I look. It comes from my early teens when someone I liked compared me with my friend. It shattered my self confidence. I can always improve my personality but I have a resting bitch face and not pretty at all. I come across as closed off. Feels like I was born with all the wrong traits in the world. I had self hate for a while and getting too old at this point.

10 hours later 53014374 Anonymous
>>53014278 How old are you and what physical flaws are they?

10 hours later 53014428 Anonymous
>>53014278 you're welcome! I have those moments too, but self\confidence is something you built with hard effort and time, so no worries. You honestly seem like such a lovely person who's willing to improve and I sincerely want you to succeed!

10 hours later 53014442 Anonymous
>>53014074 your attitude is even less well-adjusted for the real world. my exaggerated cruelty is nothing compared to a sheep before the slaughter. you are fooling nobody.

10 hours later 53014451 Anonymous
>>53008714 honeybooboo has a mother

10 hours later 53014458 Anonymous
>>53014278 resting bitch face gives me a boner tbqh

10 hours later 53014471 Anonymous
>>53008762 That market is ridiculously oversatuated.

10 hours later 53014486 Anonymous
>>53014428 Honestly though your advice is great and it reminds me to see a therapist or something. I wish the best for whatever your doing as well.

11 hours later 53014717 Anonymous
You got this femanon, you will improve and be whatever you wish to be

11 hours later 53014935 Anonymous
>>53008714 wait you want to be approached? why do i always think that girls dont want to be approached and that they dont like sex despite all the evidence of opposite i saw?

12 hours later 53015726 Anonymous
You girls play the selective role in relationships, just approach some 3/10 dude

12 hours later 53015785 Anonymous (1557875622028.jpg 480x602 44kB)
>in love with a girl >tell her >she ignores me immediately after >calls mutual friend a week later crying saying she fucked everything up between me and her >eventually says she wants to get back together >i tell her its a huge relief that i didnt lose her >she continues to ignore me >three months later and im starting to lose hope what the actual fuck happened there

12 hours later 53015805 Anonymous
>>53013867 >tfw no borderline anorexic gf

12 hours later 53015835 Anonymous
>>53014066 what part of the US? Im from Indiana so anywhere except maybe Cali is fine

12 hours later 53016181 Anonymous
>>53008714 What do you look like? You ugly?

13 hours later 53016550 Anonymous
>>53015785 banging multiple guys/playing you

14 hours later 53017178 Anonymous
>>53015785 Ask your mutual friend? She sounds immature and incapable of handling a relationship, frankly.

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