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2019-06-21 09:01 53008672 Anonymous (IMG_1405.gif 500x400 52kB)
>ex hangs around bad people >complains about it constantly >tell her to stop being stupid >she doesn't >shrug >fast forward a few months >one of them rapes her >she cries to me about it what's the correct response in this situation

4 min later 53008718 Anonymous
>>53008672 Laughing emoji and a block.

4 min later 53008719 Anonymous
Why are you talking to your ex?

4 min later 53008724 Anonymous
>>53008672 a seinfield style I told you so

7 min later 53008747 Anonymous
>>53008672 >keep in contact with ex >had a gf EVER You're a literal retard, never post again, asshole

9 min later 53008788 Anonymous
>>53008718 >>53008724 contemplating one of these >>53008719 >>53008747 idk i have no one else

15 min later 53008852 Anonymous
>>53008672 sympathize with her and apologize for not having done enough

19 min later 53008880 Anonymous
>>53008672 Why did you guys broke up? Why not try to get back together if she's all you have and you still talk to her?

22 min later 53008917 Anonymous
>>53008852 yeah i'll just apologize for not raping her rapist >>53008880 she wanted to party too much and i liked staying home so it was a mutual break up i don't want to get back with her because she's too promiscuous and makes bad choices as you see

25 min later 53008935 Anonymous
>>53008672 Tell her she's an awful person and block her. It's pathetic you even talk to her when she's out there fucking dudes

26 min later 53008941 Anonymous (1560816485946.jpg 640x640 56kB)
>>53008672 The correct response is ghosting her forever.

30 min later 53008982 Anonymous
>>53008917 Clearly your message didn't get through, you could have done better. also apologize on behalf of your gender, promiscuous or not nobody deserves that.

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