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2019-06-21 09:00 53008664 Anonymous MBTI General: Stolen Valor Edition (Untitled1.png 1920x1080 264kB)
Is stealing valor an intuitive or sensor activity? Post your mbti, talk about stolen valor and pride month and also make sure to tell all your fellow robots what you think about other mbti types! No npcs allowed : ) /7xVawQw for discrd

1 min later 53008680 Anonymous
>>53008664 Dotn even think about stealing valor you little shit. My entire family has served as warriors defending America from the dangers that lurk across the sea. You havent earned the right to call yourself a MARINE....

2 min later 53008688 Anonymous
ISTP here and we should gas all ENTPS too.

3 min later 53008700 Anonymous (1459627730002.png 600x800 285kB)
i wanted to use pride month as inspiration to come out to my family as intp. any robot intps have tips? what was it like for you when you came out?

8 min later 53008750 Anonymous (ED548D2A-FC0B-4668-B8CA-0C37E0ECDB77.jpg 1536x2048 423kB)
me and my dad love this shirt

8 min later 53008752 Anonymous (hog denton background.jpg 1200x632 53kB)
>>53008664 So do you think a vast army of drafted amerimutts can defeat the CHAD Iranian army, ready to die for their homeland? Or will the mutts flee and surrender at the first sight of having to fight a REAL war (not bombing sand people from safety with an xbox 360 controller).

9 min later 53008759 Anonymous
>>53008700 don't do it, just keep acting normal or shut yourself away. but dear god never tell your family you have autism

10 min later 53008772 WSD (pot.png 385x324 330kB)
blaze it my naygurz

10 min later 53008775 Anonymous (1537785787116.png 536x730 87kB)
So do I call myself an INTP or an INFP?

10 min later 53008782 Anonymous (9DAB7B3C-A664-4659-8912-C27CF0F65B6D.jpg 640x639 381kB)
>>53008759 yeah Im also a faggot

12 min later 53008805 Anonymous
>>53008664 INTJ represent holy shit im blasted 2nite

14 min later 53008820 Anonymous
>>53008775 >clearly shows F preference >literally says your most likely type is INFP functional stacks are made up bullshit

14 min later 53008827 WSD
>>53008775 Either way, you're a loser. ESTJ for life.

15 min later 53008837 Anonymous (1549505220671.jpg 855x1416 325kB)
stone-cold INTJ incapable of empathy or feeling loved, was it over from the start lads?

16 min later 53008849 Anonymous
>>53008837 yes. we are doomed to wander.

16 min later 53008851 Turbie/owo/uwu / INFJ-T Anon
>>53008664 Yaaaaaay! It's the MBTI general again~! \(^o^)/ <3<3 >>53008775 Your Ti is stronger than Fi, so my quick guess is INTP! UwU >>53008805 It is or will be a good night to get blasted! ^_^ Pride month is good, but what is valor?

18 min later 53008862 Anonymous (24.png 960x538 582kB)
>>53008828 please PLEASE join the discord server i locve your post

23 min later 53008908 Anonymous
>>53008849 >>53008837 fellow INTJ just saying, this doesn't have to be a bad thing. Can't have everyone drinking from the same trough if you get what I'm saying. There is purpose in life still, it is really hard to find sometimes though.

26 min later 53008934 Anonymous
>>53008664 >Discord in OP What have you done.

42 min later 53009067 Anonymous (1545628441614.jpg 1920x1080 199kB)
>>53008908 Currently dont care for wealth, posessions, love, friendship, success, self or anything else I can think of. Finding my purpose in life to dedicate all of my time with an absolute obsession may not come for years, and that truly terrifies me.

44 min later 53009084 Anonymous
>>53008851 >INFJ-T Anon >anon >tripfag God this is so fucking retarded, I hate all the reddit zoomers on this board now.

45 min later 53009092 Anonymous (1560764207325.jpg 663x731 109kB)
autist-wrangling island-working pure souled shoegaze infp, where are you?

46 min later 53009106 Anonymous
>>53009084 get 4chan x and filter it

50 min later 53009142 Anonymous
isfp girl here. how do i become as popular as my infj older sister? she has dozens of guys in love with her, including a lot of married men. guys have become so depressed over the lack of reciprocation that they've dropped out of college, moved to different countries, killed themselves... i'm jealous. i wish i was like that.

51 min later 53009150 Anonymous
There is already a Discord server for MBTI generals: .gg/5Enuer3

1 hours later 53009337 istp (18mm59vmak531.jpg 1125x1071 64kB)
can you be my borderline isfp art hoe gf origiiggigi

1 hours later 53009347 Anonymous
>>53009337 what makes you think i'm borderline????

1 hours later 53009385 Anonymous
>>53008827 ESTJs are the most braindead type

1 hours later 53009387 istp (teen-age-addicts-2.jpg 595x1000 161kB)
>>53009347 >what makes you think i'm borderline???? >isfp

1 hours later 53009573 Anonymous
>>53009092 im here psychedelic affine, future lone dev, philosophy inclined entp. how was your day?

1 hours later 53009616 Anonymous (grizzly fire.jpg 600x462 43kB)
What the fuck did you just say about INFJs you little bitch?

1 hours later 53009635 Anonymous
>>53009573 it was okay, i didnt do much today which always makes me feel bad but some days just arent meant to be productive. currently fucking around in zelda, but i should get to bed soon. how about you? i think you said you woke up around this time yesterday, so i suppose you might not have gotten through much of your day

2 hours later 53009748 Anonymous
Any INFPs relate to this song? It really resonates with me for some reason. I wish everyone would just be themselves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBx aFZq1Y5M

2 hours later 53009848 Anonymous (Sakinorva functions.png 760x483 73kB)
Rate my results Originalbot needs to go away

2 hours later 53009950 Anonymous (1560715313927.gif 498x443 570kB)
>>53008820 >functional stacks are made up bullshit

2 hours later 53009971 Anonymous
>>53009748 >I wish everyone would just be themselves. Can't do that. Too dangerous. You can't just expose yourself to your fellow man without your every weakness being noted for later manipulation. People are scum. Everyone lies. And so on and so forth.

2 hours later 53010097 Anonymous (1501813712888.png 600x801 841kB)
>>53009971 This isn't the world of darkness kiddo If everyone around you takes issue with you 'being yourself' then either you have shit company or (more likely) you are just the problem and you're being a cunt

2 hours later 53010111 Anonymous
>>53010097 You are naive. But that's okay. You're allowed to live in your fantasy world.

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