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2019-06-21 08:59 53008662 Anonymous (161107-trump_supporter-1145a_246391714e6f13d276c3456080955cf1.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000.jpg 1325x1000 94kB)
What killed the "based black guy" meme? It seemed like it died almost months after trump got elected.

4 min later 53008707 Anonymous
>>53008662 >republicans love their based blacks >trump disappoints >less republicans >less based black man As it should be

1 hours later 53009309 Anonymous
>>53008662 racism Trump fans mad blacks got attention

1 hours later 53009317 Anonymous
>>53009309 >Trump fans mad blacks got attention trump fans were the ones doing the based black man shit though

1 hours later 53009359 Anonymous
>>53009317 and they stopped when they were convinced they were empowering blacks too much by subsects like /pol/

1 hours later 53009377 Anonymous
>>53008662 Trump supporters got tired of putting up the facade. For the most part, anyway. Candace Owen's show still gets uploaded on PragerJew, for example.

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