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2019-06-21 08:57 53008639 Anonymous (confusion.jpg 800x450 24kB)
Unironically, why can't I just walk up to an attractive woman on the street and confidently tell her she's sexy and I want to fuck her? What's morally wrong with that? You are clearly and directly stating your intentions of interacting with her. Why do I have to compliment her $300 purse or pretend to care about how her dog is doing? The only reason I'm talking to her is because I saw her, looked in her eyes, got a boner, and immediately had thoughts of putting my mouth on her tits, firmly grabbing her ass with both hands, and putting my penis inside her. Does she seriously not know what men feel in the presence of an attractive women? I just want to be honest and act out my fantasies in a consensual way. Why does this make me a bad person?

2 min later 53008667 Anonymous
>>53008639 Now imagine yourself at her place, having those retards approaching you 100-300 times at day would drive you insane. It's called a basic politeness.

6 min later 53008701 Anonymous
>>53008667 The thing is, literally nobody does this. Retards orbit women and confess after 3 years of watching her fuck Chad after Chad and then get hit by the "I see you as a FRIIIIIIEEENNND". The way I propose their is 0 bullshit. I see an attractive woman. I want to put my dick in attractive woman. I make this happen as quickly as possible. Imagine doing some shit like >Sits next to a woman side by side in a bar >Talk to her over the shoulder >Hey...you hear the story about the BLA-BLA-BLA I mean she knows you want to fuck. By not just outing it, all you're doing is saying is that you're a pussy

22 min later 53008876 Anonymous
What do you mean cant? No ones stopping you dude, try it out and see where it gets you.

36 min later 53009004 Anonymous
>>53008639 Tinder /thread origami

45 min later 53009073 Anonymous (BRAP.jpg 794x575 97kB)
>>53008639 >>53008701 How attractive the woman finds you determines how successful you can pull this approach off. The whole "It's creepy if you're ugly, it's endearing if you're beautiful" thing really plays heavily in these kinds of situations when you're being direct, instead of playing the usual hopping through hoops games you have to play with females. Yes, it's shitty with the whole double standards & societal norms, but that's just how the way things are for now

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