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2019-06-21 08:39 53008490 Anonymous (ccaacc.jpg 229x263 30kB)
>another day goes by without drawing after I quit college just to draw.

11 min later 53008579 Anonymous
Porn instead?

12 min later 53008586 Anonymous
>>53008579 porn, 4chan, vidya

19 min later 53008647 Anonymous
That's depressing you shouldn't have done that

29 min later 53008756 Anonymous (000000.jpg 972x972 88kB)
pick up a football, watch some sports, mow lawn son

31 min later 53008777 Anonymous (0339D72F-7469-4C08-963A-2F30C00D8A27.jpg 1242x1958 1109kB)
>>53008586 Masturbate without porn. You can do it.

31 min later 53008779 Anonymous
>>53008490 same with me but with music, what's wrong brother? please tell me

31 min later 53008787 Anonymous
Don't stay at home. Leave your house and go draw at the public library. You won't be tempted to just sit and shitpost all day. I was having trouble meeting my writing quota before I just went to the library each more and spent 6-10 hours there.

32 min later 53008794 Anonymous
>>53008490 I can feel that man, what is your style like

37 min later 53008847 Anonymous
>>53008787 what do if it's music, can't go to the library

56 min later 53009024 Anonymous
>>53008490 You're a fucking idiot, you feel like shit because you are guilty of your actions. Stop being adicted to dopamine

58 min later 53009033 Anonymous
>>53008847 >he can't write music with nothing but staff paper and a pencil step it up

58 min later 53009034 Anonymous
>>53009024 so what is the cure mate?

1 hours later 53009047 Anonymous
>>53008490 I keep exaggerating my mental illnesses so I can get a medical certificate to give to (((them))) trying to force me to get a 'REEEEEEEEEL JOB" so my NEETbux doesn't get cut off so I can focus on practising keyboard and making beats in FL Studio Don't be too hard on yourself anon, you can't force creativity, but when you get that creative spark, start fucking drawing even if it doesn't end the type of idea you envisioned it could end up being even better. Also if you git gud enough get into graphic design as it's in big demand and only gonna keep growing. Also in between writer/artist block, watch drawing oriented YouTubers on your phone while in bed, maybe they'll give you ideas and perspectives you never thought about. Knowledge is power anon, we're all gonna fucking make it, whether the non-creative wagecucks like it or not.

1 hours later 53009065 Anonymous
>>53009034 a literal google search faggot.

1 hours later 53009083 Anonymous
>>53008847 Go to your local community center.

1 hours later 53009101 Anonymous
>>53009065 don't call me a faggot you cuck kys

1 hours later 53009149 Anonymous
>>53008490 Well pick up a pen and start drawing, fren

1 hours later 53009456 Anonymous
>>53008490 let it come through yuu ! physically !! guided by some intangible spirit yuu are a muse !

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