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2019-06-21 08:36 53008473 Anonymous (1501291797459.jpg 859x1024 143kB)
Why do prostitutes and sluts refuse to kiss or charge extra?

1 min later 53008481 Anonymous
Wanting to kiss a prostitute is a sign of mental illness.

3 min later 53008498 Anonymous
why would you want to kiss a hooker or pretend she's your gf? where I live I always see "girlfriend treatment" on escort websites. seriously asking

8 min later 53008528 Anonymous
kissing is a sign of love. you shouldn't love prostitutes. prostitutes will never love you. therefore, you shouldn't kiss prostitutes, and prostitutes will never kiss you.

8 min later 53008530 Anonymous
Is this you J

10 min later 53008545 Anonymous
It's very personal for some people

18 min later 53008614 Anonymous
cause sucking dick and getting a creampie is less intimate then kissing

25 min later 53008682 Anonymous
But they do, what kind of shitty prostitutes have you been to?

1 hours later 53009080 Anonymous
>>53008473 1. because they can. 2. because sex is already disgusting like that and they hate their job so they dont wanna do anything extra that they dont have to. they just want to do their job which is to fuck until you jizz and then get as far away from you as they can.

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