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2019-06-21 08:35 53008467 Anonymous (UPJ00940.jpg 288x216 14kB)
What's the deal with Xanax. They actually prescribe that stuff to people? It will knock you in a coma for 48 hours. You can't function on that in any way

9 min later 53008529 Anonymous
>>53008467 its meant for actual panic attacks. its meant for immediate strong results. and they prescribed .25mg and .5mg for people first starting. you're not really supposed to just be popping bars thats when that happens for general anxiety they prescribe klonopins which are longer acting and a more mild background buzz that just works all day with less of a strong high effect. if you pop the highest dose they have without anxiety or just to get high yeah its going to hit you like a fucking train.

12 min later 53008554 Anonymous
>>53008529 wow, that makes sense. might have been misusing the stuff. I wake up two days later and it's all gone

16 min later 53008592 Anonymous (07639C32-AEE8-4725-BFDD-B19E3E984618.jpg 750x1333 126kB)
>>53008467 I remember the first time I took a bar, years ago. I felt the world lift off my shoulders and then bam I wake for school the next morning more tired than Ive ever been in my life, friend let me sleep in her car in the parking lot, ended up sleeping through all but one period of class. There was also money left on my bedroom floor, my sister told me I had a long conversation with my dad that night that I have no recollection of. Its a miracle drug for people who have debilitating anxiety and/or panic attacks. But trust me, it has no recreational value. It will have you not giving a single shit about anything. You will do the dumbest things imaginable and then not even remember it. Its very weird to think about how Ive collectively lost months of my life to it. I was walking around and talking, but I simply wasnt there.

20 min later 53008619 Anonymous
>>53008554 yeah thats Xanax. its best to just break the bars up into quarters and take them slowly. cant tell you how many times people have "lost" their bottle but in reality just popped every single fucking one in a night Xanax leads to arrests too. im on probation for being black from Xanax.

23 min later 53008653 Anonymous
>>53008619 I send weird texts to people that I have no memory of sending. and i'm not a newb when it comes to these things. really scary

26 min later 53008679 Anonymous
My school therapist was a cunt who refused to prescribe me them even tho I had full blown panic disorder. That was 3 years ago. I still have severe anxiety but not to the point where I really need Xanax.

27 min later 53008691 Anonymous
>>53008653 im too scared to even talk to the phone. I took Xanax and woke up and I left 20 voice messages with some white trash thot I have barely ever talked to before. fuck Xanax. I have legit fucking anxiety and all sorts of crazy shit only alcohol and Xanax cure but Xanax has ruined my life. I dont know what to do. I want a lower dose like Ativan or something for my actual anxiety but I never want to be high on a benzo again. ever I cant even drink liquor. like I cant even smell liquor without puking. I got some Xanax from these black guys I bought weed from and I took a bar and a half and I woke up and I took a bunch of snapchats and I was drinking straight vodka out of a water bottle like recording myself chugging a whole water bottle of vodka and shaking and overdosing and shit

27 min later 53008699 Anonymous
>>53008679 I can't imagine a scenario where it would be beneficial. You basically give up control of your being

31 min later 53008735 Anonymous (hqdefault.jpg 480x360 18kB)
>>53008691 fucking big pharma

31 min later 53008736 Anonymous
>>53008699 When I had constant daily panic attacks I did my best to take xans as little as possible because I knew theyre only temporary and dont solve the problem plus are really addictive too. It just would have been nice to not have to buy them off the school dealer who overcharges severely.

32 min later 53008742 Anonymous
Im going on a long ass bus trip, want to sleep it all (like 12 hrs max), is xanax good for it or should i do smth else? (only done weed b4)

33 min later 53008754 Anonymous
I met a girl on tinder who used to snort xanz and sned me nudes while she had a bf. glad we never met up even though she kept asking me to come over because holy shit i cant think of anything more fucked up to snort, the fact that she did it made me so uncomfortable

33 min later 53008758 Anonymous
>>53008742 that's perhaps the only reasonable application. it will work

35 min later 53008785 Anonymous
>>53008754 Shes also retarded considering it wont be absorbed in your nose. Only the drip going into your stomach actually does anything.

37 min later 53008806 Anonymous
>>53008785 you dont think it would cross the blood-brain barrier or whatever faster?

38 min later 53008814 Anonymous
>>53008758 Should i take the whole bar, or just a quarter?

39 min later 53008835 Anonymous
>>53008814 I take it back. I advise you to take 0 xanax

39 min later 53008838 Anonymous
>>53008814 whole bar nigga dont be a pussy

40 min later 53008841 Anonymous
>>53008679 yeah cause this shit is fucking trash. I normally dont do anything but I have committed multiple felonies like almost every time I take Xanax or do something fucking retarded. you literally dont even think that life is real life you think you're in the gta or some shit theres a rapper whos in prison right now because his friend was high on Xanax and shot someone and he said he doesn't even remember pulling the trigger to this day. I normally dont do anything I just sit in my room smoking weed and playing video games but I take Xanax and I am fucking wild and do all sorts of stupid shit. I prefer anxiety over the levels of stupid shit I do on Xanax go for Ativan and see if you can get that. ive 1-2mg Ativan pills and its perfect for what you want. really really mild blackouts you remember everything just not every specific detail to it. you just chill out and laugh and feel good on it and it makes you in a better mood with no anxiety. it doesn't hit you like a train. you dont forget anything. you dont turn into a fucking gta bank robber. >>53008735 Xanax has its uses. I have shit loads and fuck loads of anxiety but Xanax has made all of us do stupid fucking shit before. like life ruining shit. there has been so many reports of people taking Xanax and killing someone driving and waking up to life in prison before. its like taking 20 shots of alcohol at once in a pill and you dont even know you're high and it hits you so fast and easy you cant even know that you are that level of fucked up plus it makes you feel invincible I really want to try Ativan because I have life ruining anxiety but im fucking scared as fuck of benzos now because of all the shit ive seen and done. I dont even want to get high I just want a mild buzz off it and for my anxiety to be gone but I dont want to be like crazy fucking maniac menace to society black out fucking high ever again I just want something for my anxiety I have tried cbd oil its relaxing but doesn't do shit

41 min later 53008858 Anonymous
>>53008754 Xanax doesn't even like that. some drugs work good snorted some work good popped. thats why Percocet is the best opiate. it has the highest of bio availability orally and the other ones are better snorted. Xanax doesn't have a lot of bio availability if its snorted thats why literally no one does it. >>53008814 quarter. even though you think youll just sleep you will lose touch with reality and you could do something stupid. you might even message every single facebook friend or chicks or something and do a bunch of retarded shit

2 hours later 53009831 Anonymous
As someone who has dealt with Xanax withdrawals....don't fuck with it or it will fuck with you 10 times harder.

2 hours later 53009899 Anonymous
>>53009831 is there any way to get a more lesser anxiety relief and something more natural? I have unbearable anxiety but benzos and alcohol make me retarded. the only thing I have heard about is kava and that sounds like shit and useless. I need heavy duty anxiety relief without blacking out

3 hours later 53009989 Anonymous
>>53008619 >on probation for being black small town anon takes xanax nice. wasnt it for dui?

3 hours later 53010012 Anonymous
>>53008467 I always drink alcohol when i take them and it's very calming idk

3 hours later 53010029 Anonymous (kfmzwzfCY1qagpor.jpg 400x400 31kB)
>>53010012 you mix them with liquor and then what? you're just calm?

3 hours later 53010050 Anonymous
>>53009989 It's troll post. Don't reply to him.

3 hours later 53010083 Anonymous
>>53010050 wouldnt it explain him always saying the same shit? imagine being low iq on xanax, havent taken it myself wanted to try but doesnt sound appealing anymore

3 hours later 53010096 Anonymous
>smoke weed >drink like 8 beers >friend offers me xanax >literally cant remember anything, friend tells me I was the coolest person at the party >random number hits me up the next morning, its some qt grill I apparently met at the party that wants to meet up for drinks later that night >dont respond to her because im afraid Well apparently Xanax is a miracle drug

3 hours later 53010107 Anonymous
>>53010096 you got lucky that time

3 hours later 53010114 Anonymous
>>53008529 I took 12mg of Klonopin and blacked out from Friday morning to Tuesday afternoon. My mom said I slept all day and night and would get up to pee and eat and I did it without any memory. It didn't make me do or say anything stupid and apparently I didn't say anything at all, just sort of fulfilled basic functions as if sleepwalking. Xanax might be worse right? Since it's more powerful. But I wouldn't have been out as long I bet.

3 hours later 53010124 Anonymous
>>53010114 I think the term "sleepwalking" is the best way to put it

3 hours later 53010136 Anonymous
Are you guys taking handfuls of bars? Just take .5mg, drink half as much as you normally would, and have the greatest time of your life.

3 hours later 53010159 Anonymous
>>53010124 How fast would tolerance build? Say I stockpiled grams and grams of hard shit and took it back to back in blackout doses, would I be able to sleep for weeks straight? I want to be effectively dead.

3 hours later 53010187 Anonymous
>>53010159 I think you could seriously an hero on that stuff

3 hours later 53010197 Anonymous
i can take huge doses of ativan (8+ mg) and it does impair my judgement but i don't actually feel anything except that it makes alcohol stronger, klonopin and etizolam same thing. is it even worth it for me to try xanax recreationally?

3 hours later 53010214 Anonymous
>>53010187 Wait really? So uh, let's say I take 10mg of Xanax with no tolerance and a bottle of whiskey. Would that kill me? Or would I puke it up? Are there any antiemetics that would prevent throwing up?

3 hours later 53010230 Anonymous
>normies take benzos >they either go crazy or pass the fuck out pathetic I wish i could take them all the time. They're like a limitless pill for me. But that's one addiction i won't fuck with.

3 hours later 53010253 Anonymous (220px-Milhouse_Van_Houten.png 220x233 48kB)
>>53010230 wow this guy is legit

3 hours later 53010261 Anonymous
>>53010214 benzos are notoriously hard to overdose on, i have a friend who took ~60mg of clonazepam and just woke up a couple days later. opiates are the way to go if you're trying to use pills to exit

3 hours later 53010273 Anonymous
>>53010214 I don't what a lethal dose is, but if i was ever to an hero, i would heavily sedate myself on xanax first

3 hours later 53010290 Anonymous
>>53010261 >>53010273 Well I figured that was the case. I heard that Seattle practically legalized opiates and give out free needles. Is it worth a bus ride across country to go on a tour of the "Space Needle", if you know what I mean?

3 hours later 53010358 Anonymous
>>53009899 + 100 mg zoloft, not natural but an excellent anti anxiety drug

4 hours later 53010376 Anonymous
Benzodiazepines are an extremely dangerous class of drugs and they'd be illegal if they didn't work so well. They're very similar to opioids in that regard

4 hours later 53010387 Anonymous
>>53010230 >limitless pill try methamphetamine That's power right there.

4 hours later 53010397 Anonymous
>>53010358 can you just ask your doctor for that stuff? how does it work? I live in the UK so probably different but still interested

4 hours later 53010404 Anonymous
>>53010397 >>53010397 dont do it dude this retard is a shill pushing poison and is brain washed honestly its looking like cbd might just be a good choice

4 hours later 53010444 Anonymous
>>53009899 The real solution is working through your issues. Meds are supposed to stabilize you enough to give you the ability to improve. They are not a "solution", especially if they're part of an extremely dangerous class of drugs like Benzodiazepines. They are not analoguous to pain medication and should not be used that way. The misuse of medication is probably the biggest problem with psychology and psychiatry today, as well as the public perception of these disciplines.

4 hours later 53010453 Anonymous
>>53008619 >for being black from Xanax >Xans make you a negro Yeah definitely shouldn't touch the things kek

4 hours later 53010477 Anonymous
>>53010453 I think I shat myself once on xanax

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