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2019-06-21 08:33 53008449 Anonymous (1559892814520.png 840x854 444kB)
I am afraid of Hell, and yet I cannot change my sinful lifestyle. I hate myself.

0 min later 53008453 Anonymous
lmfao imagine thinking hell is real

1 min later 53008455 Anonymous
you obviously fear hell less than boredom or discomfort so I doubt you really believe in it

2 min later 53008469 Anonymous
what sinful things do you do?

3 min later 53008475 Anonymous
>>53008449 Did you not read the Bible? God knows that man cannot not sin. Therefore Jesus Christ's blood was shed on the cross as payment. I forgot the specifics, but it's something like "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart and confess it with your mouth and you shall be saved" Super easy desu

5 min later 53008485 Anonymous (1537287487783.jpg 3465x2035 506kB)
>>53008449 Christianity concept of hell make no sense to me desu. So why do you fear it?

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