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2019-06-21 08:29 53008411 Anonymous (62219824-B538-46D2-9BD7-F7BB7CDFF281.jpg 480x480 47kB)
>have unprotected sex with gf once >wind up getting her knocked up, and my annual testing shows I have gonorrhea and chlamydia from a previous partner before I got together with her All it takes is one time lads Be careful

1 min later 53008422 Anonymous (1557298530040.gif 500x281 1348kB)
>>53008411 Eat shit normie. adsffds

2 min later 53008428 Anonymous
fucking normalfags get off my board

2 min later 53008433 Anonymous
>>53008411 Slip something in her drink that will take care of your problem. Destroy all evidence

5 min later 53008461 Anonymous
>>53008433 We agreed on having it terminated anyways homie. >>53008428 Okay retard

10 min later 53008493 Anonymous
>>53008411 fuck off and die already we dont need you here misusing the doomer meme

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