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2019-06-21 08:27 53008393 Anonymous What were you like as a kid? (AF395014-8094-4AB3-9324-22F1896EB247.jpg 853x480 88kB)
What were you like as a kid? Were you the mental case, the slut, the fatass with no self-esteem, or the kid who kills puppies for fun?

28 min later 53008624 Anonymous
>>53008393 the hey arnold who had a black bestie and stood up for all his friends currently a suicidal shut-in

32 min later 53008666 Anonymous
I was quiet and suffered from selective mutism.

35 min later 53008692 Anonymous
>>53008393 I was the normal kid that hung out with neighborhood friends, had sleep overs, rode bikes and so on. then the computer became mainstream around the time I was in middle school and i became a robot.

40 min later 53008744 Anonymous
Why was tommy shorter than his sister?

41 min later 53008757 Anonymous
The bookworm that hid under the table to read because he wasn't allowed to go outside

1 hours later 53009137 Anonymous
>>53008744 He was a manlet. Why else do you think he was so fucked up in the head?

1 hours later 53009216 Anonymous
i was an emo who was always dressing in black, had a few friends and lost everyone in the first year of hs. took sertralin through my whole childhood, probably the reason why i'm a bit fucked on the head.

1 hours later 53009236 Anonymous
>>53008393 i killed frogs for fun, but i was a shy boy

2 hours later 53009802 Anonymous
>>53008692 Same, it took so much of my attention friends continually dissapeared. Now I haven't even spoken to any of my neighborhood childhood friends for over half a decade.

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