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2019-06-21 08:24 53008372 Anonymous (maxresdefault.jpg 1280x720 97kB)
When was r9k actually a place for incels, losers, neets, and men who actually do poorly with women? It's full of normalfag redditor cucks bragging and whiteknights worshiping women now but is there anyone still around on here from when it was that way. What is unanimously considered to be the golden era before you got cucked? inb4 eggman was not an incel

1 min later 53008380 Anonymous
>>53008372 >incels OP is new obviously.

2 min later 53008382 Anonymous
>>53008372 All that bullshit is just a jewish psyop to get incels to cut their balls off and dress like women before they become red pilled and shoot up a school or public place filled with normies

3 min later 53008392 Anonymous (1560832920415.jpg 501x1200 135kB)
>>53008380 >r9k was never about incels >Ive been here since 2017! >Read the rules loser >sex isnt a big deal, stupid virgin >(fembot) >r9k is for OC >I HATE THIS PLACE SO MUCH GGGRRRRR

3 min later 53008394 Anonymous (1531277560_Good_times.gif 400x225 400kB)
>>53008372 Anytime up until 2014. You know what they say about good times? Ironically r/incel was more based but even that didn't last due to cucked mods. Wizchan is the only place to be nowadays it seems..

5 min later 53008414 Anonymous
r9k was deleted and then it was brought back. the first 2 or 3 years after it was brought back is probably considered the 'golden era,' that was around the time the reeee meme came around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flb 3He1jR3U

7 min later 53008434 Anonymous (crushed.jpg 480x360 17kB)
>>53008392 /r9k/ always was for OC.

10 min later 53008458 Anonymous
It has never been that place. At some point /r9k/ was overrun by angsty teens who thought this was a good place to complain about their lifes. They were largely disregarded by oldfags but they slowly drained the board of OC and became increasingly frustrated about reading complaints of other people day on day out. Today /r9k/ is more loser than ever before but it never was that incel safe space some people like to say it was.

11 min later 53008465 Anonymous (aaa.png 365x556 224kB)
its basically its a light /b/ and i dont find a problem with that

12 min later 53008474 Anonymous
>>53008458 this board was a worthless pile of shit before all the social awkward greentext stuff became a thing

44 min later 53008753 Anonymous
>>53008372 >When was r9k actually a place for incels, losers, neets, and men who actually do poorly with women? From 2011 to 2014. And Eggman never was a robot. He is one of the reasons /r9k/ became a normie board.

47 min later 53008791 Anonymous
>>53008434 Now I haven't seen that image in nigh on a decade!

47 min later 53008793 Anonymous
>>53008434 So where is it? How much OC do you normies provide.

1 hours later 53009045 Anonymous
>>53008394 based and richterpilled

1 hours later 53009058 Anonymous
>>53008372 /r9k/ was never a place for incels. If it was, they went by a different name. No, the incels came from reddit.

1 hours later 53009098 Anonymous
>>53008372 2016 election ruined everything on 4chan

1 hours later 53009286 Anonymous
>>53008372 egg man looked so much better with his old haircut, memes aside he had a nice thick head of hair.

1 hours later 53009310 Anonymous
>>53009058 You are right, it was a place for ROBOTS who coincidentally are incel. >>53009286 Actually it was gamergate. The election mad eit worse when tbhe left went in turbo damamge control and linked the board all over reddit, tumblr and secret discords full of trannies and women.

2 hours later 53009654 Anonymous
>>53009310 No, it was the Isla Vista killings and the Oregon college shooting that brought the normies here

2 hours later 53009676 Anonymous
You know, as a robot, that you can successfully make changes, maybe get lucky, and have a chance to improve your life, possibly even get laid? Don't know why some of you chose to just be losers forever.

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