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2019-06-21 08:20 53008342 Anonymous (838FA24D-5C68-4589-A126-C3DEB2B0959C.jpg 1280x720 72kB)
>get girlfriend at 20 >she's cute and slim with nice tits >3 years later >she's getting thicker and ugly >she now has thick legs and calves >her cheeks are getting fat >her whole face is getting fat >her whole body is getting fat I want out. How do I even break up with a girl?

1 min later 53008353 Anonymous
Tell her you want to break up and then never talk to her again.

5 min later 53008387 Anonymous
keep hinting that she's really letting herself go she'll improve or leave on her own

10 min later 53008431 Anonymous (eye sliced open slowly.gif 318x232 2084kB)
>>53008342 fuck off normalfag you have no place here so stop posting a;ready

26 min later 53008543 Anonymous
>>53008342 >throwing away a 3 year relationship because your gf got a bit fat People like you are such a joke, jfc At least try to help her lose weight or figure out why she is gaining weight, she could be stress eating or depressed But if you are absolutely not willing to do that and only value her for her (now no longer existing) looks, it's best you stop wasting each others time I suppose

41 min later 53008677 Anonymous (d9a.png 680x666 272kB)
>>53008342 >get gf at 20 >ugly af, refuses to wear makeup to make her face bearable >6 years later >she's 8/10 guess i won this round

51 min later 53008796 Anonymous (IMG-20190330-WA0001.jpg 1440x1440 172kB)
>>53008677 Whenever I see some cunt blatantly shit talking their partners like this online I sort of wish they somehow found out and broke up with them amidst a screaming violent shitfit of gargantuan proportions People are so fucking grimy, saying things like this about most likely the only person who cares about them Disgusting

52 min later 53008811 Anonymous
>>53008342 Make her fat ass get in shape.

53 min later 53008818 Anonymous
Do exercise with her, I bet you're no Charles Atlas

1 hours later 53009015 Anonymous
>>53008796 >t. seething gflet i did worse things than "shit talking" her, she's still with me, don't burst your aneurysm women are subhuman trash who like to be abused she doesn't care about me, she cares about my status and attention kindly an hero, roast guardian

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