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2019-06-21 08:12 53008265 Anonymous (63DDB5F4-09D4-49A3-9FE4-BBE892BF7BB2.jpg 443x787 88kB)
>10 years what went wrong?

2 min later 53008287 Anonymous
>>53008265 A degenerate lifestyle filled with drugs and high caloric foods.

4 min later 53008303 Anonymous
>>53008265 Women naturally thicken as they get older. Metabolic slowdown hits as early as 20-25, and they get more fat on their body to accommodate future births.

4 min later 53008310 Anonymous
>>53008265 I have no idea who this is. Details pal

4 min later 53008311 Anonymous
>>53008265 she looks hotter retard just chubbier she smokes cigarettes so id say thats pretty good considering that

1 hours later 53009221 Anonymous
>>53008265 white women age like milk that was left out.

1 hours later 53009252 Anonymous
She stopped being anorexic, sorry that her probably healthier body doesn't make ur pee pee hard incel.

1 hours later 53009271 Anonymous
>>53008265 Post pics of her new body. She fat or did it go to the right places?

3 hours later 53009902 Anonymous
Dime store Sophie Turner

3 hours later 53009943 Anonymous
>>53008265 Care to post the "chubbier" body?

3 hours later 53009964 Anonymous
>>53008303 What is this, the femcelwiki? Just stop eating you fucking whales.

3 hours later 53009965 Anonymous (1553770390423.jpg 540x720 58kB)
>>53008265 >>53009902 this would have greatly upset me many years ago when i use to think about her when i jerked off constantly. Can you imagine being attractive enough people would tell you that they'd crawl through broken glass and then lose that? lol >>53009943 just remember the good times man

4 hours later 53010438 Anonymous
>>53008265 She turned attractive

4 hours later 53010523 Anonymous
>>53009965 God I just want to cum in a girl like that once

4 hours later 53010558 Anonymous
>>53009965 Ewwww. I repeat, post the chubbier version. My logic is that she's atleast not as bad as before.

5 hours later 53010582 Anonymous
>>53010558 1. shes hotter in the new pics. 2. shes pregnant. its liz vicious. back when porn was mostly professional models everyone knew her and fapped to her. career is dead and shes taking naked videos pregnant out of nowhere because she fell off. probably because shes pregnant and has nothing to her name because she was stupid and wasted all her money and then whenever she found out she was pregnant she knew there was only thing she knew how to make money so shes just doing porn trying to get money again without having to do anything.

5 hours later 53010587 Anonymous
>>53008265 lack of exercise and self control.

5 hours later 53010960 Anonymous
>>53008303 If they don't exercise and have unbalanced diet, don't take care of themselves, then yes. Otherwise, you can stay thin like a heroin addiction even when you are in your 40s or 50s It's just a matter of how much you take care of yourself.

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