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2019-06-21 08:11 53008260 Anonymous (@roannu_ (45).jpg 473x700 48kB)
Anons I'm fapping and it feels so good

3 min later 53008290 Anonymous (Luka.jpg 600x600 167kB)
>>53008260 Have some self respect you degenerate.

5 min later 53008317 Anonymous (@roannu_ (78).jpg 806x874 97kB)
>>53008290 But it's just so much pleasure...

9 min later 53008349 Anonymous
>>53008317 Jesus christ Anon, it's mind over matter, you're supposed to overcome your base desires to achieve greatness.

10 min later 53008358 Get Bent (9k.png 258x196 55kB)
based masturbator anon blow a load for me, homie

11 min later 53008366 Anonymous (2d27f0597ebf0da63a0ee6b2c9f59c07.jpg 1552x2048 231kB)
>>53008349 Why would I want to overcome something so good? >>53008358 Working on it

14 min later 53008384 Anonymous
>>53008366 watcha fapping to? Oreganoni

15 min later 53008391 Anonymous
>>53008366 Because them you're no better then any other animal of this earth if you can't use your human superiority overcome your instincts, are you a man or a brainless animal?

15 min later 53008397 Anonymous
>>53008358 Do you have a source on this image?

17 min later 53008410 Anonymous (165.png 1271x1806 826kB)
>>53008384 My favourite doujin series Brandish >>53008391 I don't want to be better than the animals I just want to feel good

17 min later 53008413 Get Bent
>>53008397 doujin name is mama tama

21 min later 53008450 Anonymous (1560606646269.jpg 1024x576 118kB)
>>53008410 You had one chance, a perfect roll of the die, and you squander it to grovel in pleasure. Disgusting.

23 min later 53008463 Anonymous
>>53008450 You sound cringy as shit mate

25 min later 53008479 Anonymous
>>53008463 You have one chance at life, you can achieve anything with the proper effort, if you want to waste it masturbating and generally being a degenerate, be my guest.

28 min later 53008497 Anonymous
>>53008479 lad you're on /r9k/ at heavens knows what hour, you're not using your time on anything more productive than fapanon at least he's getting some endorphins and a quick release, you're just sneering and repeating big boy words you read in warhammer

31 min later 53008514 Anonymous
>>53008497 >at heavens knows what hour Exactly, it's late, I have nothing better to do. I've already excised, worked on my paper for uni, and various other things to pass the time. I've done my self improvement for the day, have you? No, you've sat there and wallowed in your own shit all day.

33 min later 53008536 Anonymous (giphy.gif 300x291 363kB)
>>53008514 Actually I wrote 2 articles for my magazine (though the editor didn't write back today me so I did piss most of the work day away). Good on you for also being basically a human being I'm sure that gives you the moral authority to shame people for having a quick wank

36 min later 53008559 Anonymous
>>53008536 Wow, two whole articles? You're a real bastion of effort Anon, really glad you're not like all the other blobs of flesh on this site that waste everyday of their life.

38 min later 53008581 Anonymous (^9B6F5D99453B790F622E9ACADC2874B66C670859460C117DDF^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.png 750x1125 569kB)
I came anons

41 min later 53008599 Anonymous
>>53008581 Good boy~ You should cum again now.

43 min later 53008612 Anonymous
>>53008514 Why do you think that self-improvement puts you above others? There is no objective standard which dictates which human is better than others. Regardless of the reason you do those things, ultimately it's because you want to do them. It has no greater meaning than that, and it certainly doesn't put you above your 'base desires', since every human desire is ultimately because of biological and social conditioning. Likewise, anon masturbates because he wants to. It's the same thing.

43 min later 53008615 Anonymous (Wew2.jpg 221x250 8kB)
>>53008581 M-more cum. Now.

43 min later 53008618 Anonymous (25052c181d19aff2a049e5a2a8907de7.png 1920x1800 2030kB)
>>53008599 it's really sensitive right now but if you want me to I'll cum just for you anon

46 min later 53008649 Anonymous
>>53008612 >Why do you think that self-improvement puts you above others? It's in the name; self-IMPROVEMENT >There is no objective standard which dictates which human is better than others. You say that like everyone can't immediately tell who fails to met even the most basic criteria apart from those who put in effort and time to improve themselves mentally and physically, those who rise above the common man and the standard in the human condition.

46 min later 53008652 Anonymous
>>53008618 That would actually make me pretty happy anon! Sometimes playing with it while it is sensitive is fun after all~ Makes your squirm extra! Could just imagine your cute whimpers as you wince from the sensitive pleasure!

50 min later 53008681 Anonymous
>>53008260 This thread is actually a really good example of r9k, two fuckwits having a serious discussion about humanity while some dude jerks off and another guy encourages him.

51 min later 53008697 Anonymous
>>53008649 A name for something doesn't automatically give it meaning. Improvement can mean anything, and there certainly isn't a linear pathway every human is on and certain things are responsible for 'improvement'; every path a human takes is more like part of a web. And once again, the standards everyone has are the standards of society. If you think there's some sort of spiritual standard that means you're better for doing the things you do, then good for you, but don't look down on others for not doing those things. Furthermore, while physical improvement can be measured with strength, you can't say what kind of mental prowess is better than others.

53 min later 53008720 Anonymous (b66fe654a56653c2a75eff9940947cfe (1).jpg 1000x1352 246kB)
>>53008652 I-I recorded them for you anon... https://vocaroo.com/i/s1rIHC9kaXVR

55 min later 53008738 Anonymous
>>53008720 >voice >not video really lame

57 min later 53008769 Anonymous
>>53008697 >If you think there's some sort of spiritual standard that means you're better for doing the things you do I don't think, there is. Improvement isn't climbing a latter and you max out when you get to the top. Improvement is simply becoming better with time, whether that's getting stronger then you were before, or simply reaching peace of mind and the willpower to reject meaningless pleasure. Reward without risk or effort is no reward at all.

58 min later 53008773 Anonymous
>>53008720 What a sweet sweet surprise! Your moans are lovely anon! Absolutely adorable <3 Someone with noises that cute should be making them often and feeling good often~

1 hours later 53008801 Anonymous
>>53008738 I'm still in uni so I can't be that public with my face... >>53008773 Yes anon I'll feel really good for you <3

1 hours later 53008850 Anonymous
>>53008801 Good boy~ I just want to molest you but also cuddle you nice and sweet as your spiral of pleasure grows higher and higher until you go pew!

1 hours later 53008857 Anonymous
>>53008850 Hmmmm~ <3 Can I snuggle into your warm chest right after cumming anon?

1 hours later 53008866 Anonymous
>>53008857 Of course! I will stroke your hair gently and pat your head as you do cutie~

1 hours later 53008889 Anonymous
>>53008769 No pleasure has more objective meaning than another, but all pleasure has subjective meaning because it makes you feel good. And pleasure with risk, effort, or pain is just a way to feed the ego. You feel good about yourself because you think yourself strong or superior. It results in more pleasure. A different type of pleasure, but pleasure all the same. When you reach something after hard work, you feel pleasure because of how great you were to do that. When you break it down, that's all it is.

1 hours later 53008912 Anonymous
>>53008866 A-anon... It's no good if only I get to feel good s-so... Please use me to feel good too <3

1 hours later 53008924 Anonymous
>>53008889 Fair enough, agree to disagree, but I must say you're the first person to actually effectively defend this position. It is subjective yes, but I do think there is some objective reason the pleasure from creating something is better then mere easy access pleasure such as this thread.

1 hours later 53008948 Anonymous
>>53008912 Use you?~ Slutty anon, I am pretty submissive and yet you still want me to use you...guess it can't be helped~ If you were around I would have kneeled you down in front of me right now and gently pet your head as I guide you to latching your mouth onto my cock~ If you do a good job I will kiss your forehead while you do it anon.

1 hours later 53008974 Anonymous
>>53008924 It's perfectly fine to have beliefs and values that you follow in your personal life, don't let me stop you there. As long as we can agree that having different beliefs and values is not necessarily harmful or bad, then fair enough, yeah.

1 hours later 53008975 Anonymous
>>53008948 Mmhmm~ yes <3 You've been very nice to me so I want to make you feel very good too. I promise to please you lots with my warm wet mouth <3

1 hours later 53008990 Anonymous
>>53008974 I'm just a bit of a wanker when it comes to seeing people not trying to improve themselves, genuinely I just want to see people become better.

1 hours later 53009026 Anonymous
>>53008975 Good boy~ I am sure you would please me greatly, especially with how your cute moans will be vibrating around my cock as it throbs and fills your face hole! You will know how good you make me feel first hand after you get a taste of me~

1 hours later 53009049 Anonymous
>>53008975 >>53009026 Ah, maybe I will indulge myself afterwards even and pleasure myself using that cute body of yours~ Caress your curves, give you a long kiss, and then ease myself into you from behind as I increase my enthusiasm until the only refuge from the incessant pounding will be the warm touch I provide holding you and licking and kissing along your flesh~ Perhaps I will even make you cum from it~

1 hours later 53009115 Anonymous
>>53009049 Anon I came reading your posts <3 I wish I could give you my body ~ <3

1 hours later 53009127 Anonymous
I'm about to make it to a week of NoFap, which is quite an accomplishment for me and I think the reason that I've been able to last this long is my depression. Seems like when I'm actually really fucking sad and angry my libido decreases. I'm fucking pissed and sad about this one girl ignoring me, maybe fapping will fix this by taking some stress and frustation off me

1 hours later 53009141 Anonymous
>>53009115 I am glad they brought you pleasure! If you could I would gladly receive it, then lovingly hold and cuddle you after~ Hope you feel comfy anon <3

1 hours later 53009169 Anonymous
>>53009127 >maybe fapping will fix this by taking some stress and frustation off me It won't, stay strong, friend.

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