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2019-06-21 08:11 53008256 Anonymous (gPttFtWV_400x400.png 240x240 55kB)
>2016 >have job >have car >have friends >have apartment >have gf 2019 >no job >no car >no friends >borderline homeless (dad kicked me out after two weeks living with him) >no gf I still feel like I have a long way to fall bros.

1 hours later 53009146 Kierkegaard (1560555614715.jpg 467x700 54kB)
>>53008256 Life is hell, my friend. I wish you well.

1 hours later 53009155 Anonymous
>>53008256 Get out, failed normie, you never belonged here.

1 hours later 53009163 Anonymous
>>53008256 You are still that person who has able to do and have all those things so you will be able to get a lot more if you put your mind on what you want next.

1 hours later 53009165 Anonymous
Do you feel like you could get things back? Do you know how you did it the first time and can you repeat it? I used to have friends, job and gf and lost them all. But I got all of them out of sheer luck, so now I know I probably will be a lonely neet until I die

1 hours later 53009171 Anonymous
>>53009165 Also sorry missed your (You) :3 >>53008256

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