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2019-06-21 08:09 53008242 Anonymous (B1238198-57E4-4349-BC9B-E470763AB080.jpg 1280x720 247kB)
>left on "seen" for 4 days >message her again >get "seen'd" What do girls mean by this? Why can't girls just straight up tell me to fuck off, that they lost any interest they had in me or that they found someone else? At least I could have a peace of mind then. Don't leave on seen, it's eating me up inside

1 min later 53008255 Anonymous
>>53008242 because they literally do not do ANYTHING that is unpleasant to them. they are conflict averse. they're not gonna risk triggering an angry incel. they'll just ignore you and hope you take the hint

20 min later 53008415 Anonymous
>>53008255 Fucking cunts. At least make the hint more obvious by blocking me/unfollowing/unfriend-ing me, instead of leaving me hanging on to some small hope. Purposely ignoring is what triggers me the most because even if we all know what it means, it's still not that clear. I'd prefer to actually be ghosted, make yourself unreachable to me so I know I shouldn't even bother. It'd take away so much stress from my head

22 min later 53008435 Anonymous
>>53008242 They don't emphathize because they live in a whole other world. Guys leave them on seen all the time but there is ALWAYS another orbiter in their life that they can contact

24 min later 53008452 Anonymous
>>53008242 It means she has zero respect for you but still uses you for her irl ((you))s.

42 min later 53008593 Anonymous
>>53008435 Sometimes I wish I was a girl, and I don't mean that in a tranny transitioning fagottry type of way, but like actually being born a female because of how easy they have it. >>53008452 That's most likely what it is but I don't want to accept it because of how interested she was on me at first. How does she goes from sending me hearts every other sentence to ignoring me like this in the middle of a casual convo

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