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2019-06-21 08:09 53008241 Anonymous (1546104080709.jpg 202x250 5kB)
>been mewing for 2 years >still a jawlet It's just a meme, isn't it? I really thought I could fight my shitty genes for a second there.

3 min later 53008270 Anonymous
>>53008241 Depends... How old were you when you started mewing?

10 min later 53008332 Anonymous
>>53008270 22. Does it have to be before you stop growing or something?

24 min later 53008451 Anonymous
>>53008332 Yeah, mewing works best during puberty. Sorry, guy

29 min later 53008492 Anonymous
>>53008451 Then why is it routinely shilled to men in their 20s here and on /fit/?

1 hours later 53009180 Anonymous (98798674657986346578.jpg 491x491 44kB)
>>53008241 Nice try orginal

1 hours later 53009184 Anonymous (Bob-Burgers.gif 680x510 96kB)
Just find a girl who's REALLY into "Bob's burgers", might be a turn on for her.

1 hours later 53009185 Anonymous
>>53008241 The fuck is mewing? Pokemon?

2 hours later 53009446 Anonymous
>>53008241 Sorry OP, mewing is a scam and that faggot doctor is a scammer and it's been proven. Mewing does fucking nothing. He makes money on desperate people who want to believe it works same like people make money on people who desperately want to get a bigger dick or regrow hair

2 hours later 53009497 Anonymous
>>53009446 >and it's been proven by who? >He makes money selling what?

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