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2019-06-21 08:03 53008185 Anonymous Black boy fucked my wife's sister (56791017_275355496701767_556885593725574094_n.jpg 663x663 66kB)
My wife's sister has 4 black godchildren as her lifelong friend is a black woman who has 4 kids. One of these godchildren is now 16 and looks like the blacked actor Louie Smalls and i found out last night that he has already fucked her. How did i find out? Because i heard him talking to his friend about it and talking about her ass. My wife doesn't even know yet. I don't want to be a snitch on the poor guy. What's your take?

2 min later 53008210 Anonymous
What the hell are you trying to say. He fucked his mom? foh

5 min later 53008229 Anonymous
>>53008185 this is written pretty fucking poorly. kill them then kill yourself maybe?

10 min later 53008280 Anonymous
>>53008210 No they are her godchildren (she's a Christian). The kids are the black woman's from a black man. My wife and her sister are both white. However my wife's sister does have her own children with a completely different black man

13 min later 53008300 Anonymous (1559909005608.jpg 480x480 47kB)
>having sex with your godchildren Damn, this somehow manages to be worse than normal incest.

23 min later 53008383 Anonymous
>>53008280 >she's a Christian kek

37 min later 53008502 Anonymous (187B7AAC-E792-4537-87C5-35853E34DF54.jpg 645x773 82kB)
>>53008185 Dunno what to tell you bro. A few weeks ago my mom told me that she has a thing for black guys. And no my dads not a cuck, they divorced 10 years ago. I honestly dont care that much but I guess thats because my expectations arent very high, I come from white trash.

1 hours later 53008804 Anonymous
god damn you american mutts have it rough, in my based slavic country there are practically no blacks, if some tourists come people make fun of them and call them "crncuge" which basically means nigger in our language. It's kino how our beautiful white girls are repulsed by them because they have taller, more agressive, more muscular men here. Amerimutts you gotta step up, why you lettin monkeys smash your wifes cmon man.

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