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2019-06-21 08:02 53008182 Anonymous (uglyblackman.jpg 612x408 24kB)
Choice time. A god comes before you feeling pity on you, and decides to give you a choice: -You can get transformed into a perfect white Chad, with a male model face, high school quarterback jock type body, blonde hair and piercing blue hunter eyes, and a normal sized dick, and a generic white guy voice or -You get transformed into a black man with a really busted beat up ugly face, like Lil Wayne, or pic related. However your body will be insanely buff to the point of making Chad borderline terrified of you, and you have a huge dick(10 inches long, 7 inches thick) and a stupidly deep voice like Darth Vader. Which do you choose? Both are filthy rich so money isn't an issue in either choice.

5 min later 53008234 Anonymous
anyone not choosing to be black is retarded BBC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chad face

12 min later 53008293 Anonymous (520078961.jpg 512x292 100kB)
>>53008182 The Chad of course Blackness is a curse,, the sins of your race will follow you to the very reaches of the earth. Being a strong one would be even worst as like a spartan slave you have a target on your back.

14 min later 53008316 Anonymous
>>53008293 But you get a huge dick though, Chad can't compete with that.

35 min later 53008482 Anonymous
black guy easily, why have an average dick when you can have a huge one?

37 min later 53008499 Anonymous
>>53008182 If you dont chose the white chad you are retarded and disconnected from reality, imagine being black, that must be horrible. I may be a virgin ugly Manlet but thank god I am white, had to have something going on for me I guess

40 min later 53008518 Anonymous
>>53008499 but black men get pussy though, mad pussy on the regular

41 min later 53008527 Anonymous
>>53008182 black guy sounds more based

48 min later 53008588 Anonymous
>>53008499 Too bad by picking chad you'll get lost in the sea of white chads that already exist, women can't even tell them apart. As the black man, when you enter a room, women WILL notice.

58 min later 53008673 Anonymous
>>53008588 People also notice if you walk in with a gun, doesn't mean you getting you pepe wet. Also anno said UGLY you not tyrone, you just some huge dick gorilla, fucking at best fat girls who aren't ashamed to be seen with you.

1 hours later 53008721 Anonymous (1fe.png 658x662 60kB)
>>53008182 i say no fuck you turn me into a bionicle he says no i cry and go home one of these days i will be a bionicle

1 hours later 53008797 Anonymous
>>53008182 So I get to be chad or MC Ride but rich The choice is easy to make

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