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2019-06-21 07:58 53008135 Anonymous (blac-youngsta-threatens-young-dolph-on-instagram.jpg 629x560 44kB)
Aye white boy. Suck my dick.

17 min later 53008289 Anonymous
how hard can it be to pull a gun off someones hand like this?

51 min later 53008572 Anonymous
>>53008289 Pretty hard to do after a few bullets

2 hours later 53009251 Anonymous
>>53008135 >nigger doesnt know that hes already dead >i can die but he will die its just a matter of if the cops kill him before or after he has shot me. >my ancestors are smiling upon me! can you say the same nigger?

2 hours later 53009338 Anonymous
>>53009251 >You get shot >Police come >He complies and gets on the ground >This was California >No death penalty >Off 20 years early on good behavior >Becomes a rapper >Fucks a close cousin of yours Remember not to get mad white boi, you're ancestors are smiling ;)

2 hours later 53009404 Anonymous
>>53009338 >California >white

2 hours later 53009409 Anonymous
>>53009338 >thinks a monkey on the street with a gun demanding blowjobs from randoms because he is such a fucking beta nigresses dont even sway their booty at them, has the capacatiy to understand english language spoken by the police and wont just chimp out and go on a monkey madness rampage throwing his shit and trying to take aim at the police. you think too much of these street rats. I do believe theres a distinction between black men and niggers. Most of the slaves sold by african tribes were probably their weakest and dumbest, they wouldnt be slaves otherwise. looking at most of africa though i can say getting rid of a few chimps didnt make much of a difference.

2 hours later 53009421 Anonymous
>>53009404 >>53009409 Haha you niggas actually replied to the bait. God I love 4chan.

2 hours later 53009430 Anonymous (1537355047393.png 540x780 247kB)
>Aye white boy. Suck my dick. y-yes sir

2 hours later 53009440 Anonymous
>>53009421 >not replying to bait in Current Year you make it seem like theres anything more interesting going on on this board filled with trap degenerates gays in general and overall same muhhh no gurrrrfriend posters, you should go back to facebook. This rp is better than most other rp in this board

2 hours later 53009486 Anonymous (ape.jpg 238x290 17kB)
>>53008135 oye holmes im not white, fuck off before i dissolve your body in an acid bath

2 hours later 53009494 Anonymous
>>53008135 >Aye white boy. Suck my dick. how about no?

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