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2019-06-21 07:54 53008110 Anonymous FemBot Here (1543055149989.jpg 1263x1920 717kB)
Why do you guys go crazy and obsess over bulb of flesh (talking about ass and tits) Are you fucking dumb to be so crazy about it? I thought you were superior and intellectual gender. Pfff

2 min later 53008127 Anonymous
Fully agree, we clearly aren't. I would love if all girls were aware of how much power they have over men and just take the place they deserve, above them

4 min later 53008143 Anonymous
>>53008110 The desire to reproduce is hardwired into us, that what rely lies behind the obsessions

5 min later 53008156 Anonymous
i'd say we're all pretty aware of how stupid it is, but there is nothing to be done about that, its just an instinct to be very attracted to them.

5 min later 53008158 Anonymous
>>53008110 There's enough fembots on this board that you don't need to be making a board for yourself, honey. Your opinion isn't important, and your having a vagina doesn't change that.

9 min later 53008194 Anonymous
>>53008110 Because there nothing else you have to offer us.

10 min later 53008206 Anonymous
>>53008110 Me big man me tear clothes smash pussy me dominate woman Pretty much my sexyality in a nutshell

11 min later 53008208 Anonymous (1538700307154.jpg 386x395 33kB)
>>53008194 Why do we have to offer you anything? You are not our masters you dumb lonely Incel

12 min later 53008219 Tyrone9
>>53008110 Still the cutest pic on r9k

12 min later 53008220 Anonymous
>>53008110 >I thought you were superior and intellectual gender. Pfff Even so, the fuck are you going to do about it? Women are the most beta faggots on the planet.

13 min later 53008226 Anonymous
>>53008220 bro relax the girls might deny us sex and go on a sex strike oh wait a minute we don't get sex here LOL TRY AGAIN BTICHES

17 min later 53008269 Anonymous (1556811202206.jpg 564x1000 158kB)
Hey guys Just wanted to say thank you for all replies and my daily dose of dopamine from all the (you's) I am not actually FemBot but these threads always work

18 min later 53008275 Anonymous (20190531_150301.jpg 1080x1034 272kB)
>>53008208 well for one, you're wrong. secondly you need to have something to offer to be a partner in a relationship you sub 100 iq mongrel.

28 min later 53008364 Anonymous (1554001057597.jpg 1920x1080 286kB)
>>53008269 Look at her smile. She doesn't care that there's a hollow corpse underneath her. She doesn't care about where she is in that time. She only cares about the camera on her. The publicity. The attention. Disgusting.

30 min later 53008376 Anonymous
>>53008110 >still loses to gender that obsesses over things they have the gap between our intelligence is wider than you think

30 min later 53008378 Anonymous
>>53008110 Post tits with timestamp or get the fuck out you boring prune whore

33 min later 53008400 Anonymous
>>53008208 Meanwhile we have to offer you a household, stability, money and protection. If you want us to offer you something you should have something to offer back to have at least an equal standing, but of course you don't nor care.

33 min later 53008404 Anonymous (1555465425863.jpg 1440x1856 1346kB)
>>53008364 What did you expect from women? She can't have more deeper thoughts other than whats going on in moment, just like animals. Imagine this kind of narcissim but even bigger clown world is that nobody really cares and if anyone called her out there would be 100 beta white knight defending her and she would backpedal with some bullshit (teee hee it was just too overwhelming.)

33 min later 53008406 Anonymous (black and white huge tits.jpg 751x900 201kB)
>>53008110 HAHAHAH stay mad chestlet. And FTR we go mad over it because its a sign of good fertile genetics. Same reason you cunts go insane over shit that literally doesnt matter anymore like height, jaw, shoulder size, penis length.

36 min later 53008430 Anonymous (1554989106719.gif 480x360 1191kB)
>>53008404 You can never be surprised by the obvious. Such a thing would be comically embarrassing.

41 min later 53008470 Anonymous
>>53008110 Skelly fembots are the best girls in the world, send me good fortune fellow skellys

42 min later 53008478 Anonymous
>>53008110 Ha jokes on you go crazy over feet. God left me incomplete

54 min later 53008571 Anonymous
>>53008110 a stupid question /7xVawQw

1 hours later 53008626 Anonymous
Why are you obsessed with a chunk of flesh aka dick?

1 hours later 53008708 Anonymous
That is a natural instinct, it is what makes people reproduce beyond their logical reasoning. I mean, if men didn't get so damn crazy for woman our species maybe wouldn't have gotten so far considering all the trouble that it can bring you. Well, part of natural selection

1 hours later 53008833 Anonymous (1519432164535.jpg 869x873 416kB)
>>53008110 >dumb roastie can't understand that we are a programmed machine women will never understand just how strong sexual urge is for males. It makes you a complete slave. It will eventually drive you mad if you ignore it. You will probably never understand because you can't conceive of this level of psychological and biological control over the mind. Men are truly the slave of nature.

1 hours later 53008913 Anonymous
>>53008110 I'd date sticc gf if she was pretty and nice

1 hours later 53008939 Anonymous
>>53008400 do you not realize that women can have completely self-sufficient careers in this century? they don't need you to provide them shit.

1 hours later 53008959 Anonymous
>>53008110 >intellectual gender Now I feel like we were like that. Go ask /pol/ not us.

1 hours later 53009057 Anonymous
>>53008939 >they don't need you to provide them shit. Yes, the government will take care of them

1 hours later 53009086 Anonymous (293874598.jpg 600x400 38kB)
>>53008110 >fembot here omegafuckingoriginalcomment

1 hours later 53009097 Anonymous
>>53008110 I wish you had our levels of testosterone so you would know what it's like to get horny over anything.

1 hours later 53009139 Anonymous
>>53009097 >testosterone Testosterone make you horny, is it a new field of science?

2 hours later 53009195 Anonymous
>>53008110 >ass and tits Girls why you are so obsessed with the muscles and size of the benis

2 hours later 53009203 Anonymous (1560163450972.jpg 640x300 101kB)
>>53008110 >ass and tits Girls why you are so obsessed with the muscles and size of benis

2 hours later 53009237 Anonymous
>>53008110 Ohoho yeah you're getting raped

2 hours later 53009277 Anonymous (neeeeeeet.jpg 850x850 142kB)
>>53009057 Hey filling forms is tough work, kid!

2 hours later 53009305 Anonymous
>>53008110 Yeah just call all men retarded for not being able to comprehend. Women who call asses and tits just ''bulbs of flesh'' truly are the nost retarded bitches. Yeah right just let me grab your titties and ass all day long day. These was a girl in high school who used to say it's just a butt. We all grabbed her ass.

2 hours later 53009474 Anonymous
>>53009277 Such hard work

2 hours later 53009495 Anonymous
>>53008110 I dont though, I prefer face and personal style, as well as personality. Who fucking cares if a girl has a nice ass if shes boring as hell and has no interests?

2 hours later 53009507 Anonymous
>>53008110 you spam this thread on /b/ OP

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