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2019-06-21 07:54 53008108 Anonymous Who is making tech? Everyone is a manchild. (tumblr_nrg0fqk9VR1s29tiho1_500.gif 500x281 1186kB)
Who the fuck is making all of this technology? I see screens being put into things like fridges and even plantpots, computers are getting every day and new devices are appearing out of nowhere. But who the hell does all that? I've met a shit-ton of people in my city (Sweden) and in my school, but everybody seems to aspire to do inane shit like 'graphic designer', 'Twitch streamer', 'entrepeneur'... With some of the more serious people choosing 'business manager', 'nurse', 'teacher'. The nerdy guys mostly say that they want to be 'web developers', 'game programmers', and 'UX designers'. But I have only ever met one guy who said "yeah, I want to make actual technological breakthroughs". Who is even making all of these insane tech?

2 min later 53008126 Anonymous
>>53008108 As someone who is the very last guy, I can tell you with confidence it's basically all shenzhen china. And yeah, it's insane how much of society, at least in my social circles, want to be byproducts of these technological advances.

4 min later 53008141 Anonymous
>>53008108 chinese and korean people mostly. a lot of western software is also made by indians and slavs. white people are pretty much the dumbest and laziest of any group in tech, but have good management skills.

5 min later 53008157 Anonymous
Mathematicians There's nothing that interesting in IoT by the way.

9 min later 53008193 Anonymous
Computers really aren't that complicated

10 min later 53008204 Anonymous
>>53008193 Sure bro, American and Chinese companies are just throwing money away to give the appearance of difficulty, it's not actually hard at all to innovate.

12 min later 53008216 Anonymous
It's not difficult to strap a computer to a device.

12 min later 53008217 Anonymous (IMG_6584.jpg 600x338 38kB)
>>53008193 That's not the matter here, I am talking about why nobody seems to want to deal with them to make something useful.

13 min later 53008230 Anonymous
>>53008108 Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger. "Technological breakthroughs" aren't necessarily limited to putting screens on objects that already exist

14 min later 53008239 Anonymous
>>53008230 These were just examples. I'm talking about just about any form of tech.

17 min later 53008263 Anonymous
>>53008217 Is Sweden a big deal for tech in Europe? I know you guys have Spotify, but I think that's literally the only big tech company even based in Europe, the rest are in America or China for the most part, and SE Asia in general.

19 min later 53008278 Anonymous
>>53008239 I appreciate you not sperging out in response to my shitpost. The fact of the matter is that technological breakthroughs happen more often than you think, it's just that it's way more difficult to apply those discoveries to the lives of your everyday normie. Technological advances take time, especially now. We're in a period of time that has benefited from exponential improvement of tech, but that kind of progression isn't sustainable forever.

19 min later 53008279 Anonymous
>>53008204 >stick a thermistor and a LCD screen onto a flowerpot with a microcontroller >oh wow, look, I can see temperature of the dirt >TECHNOLOGY Innovation emotionally consists of making dumb bullshit. For all the important shit, private contractors and university post grad departments make the tech and then it gets stolen by the Chinese where they mass produce it for pennies on the dollar and then sell it back to idiotic westerners.

20 min later 53008288 Anonymous
>>53008263 Fuck the new Spotify redesign. Their ui staff are legitimate retards

27 min later 53008356 Anonymous
>>53008279 You know jackshit about what is happening right now in tech. IoT is the money maker, sure, it's selling clunky overpriced gadgets to early adopters, but all innovation is being done in machine learning / AI. That is where all the R&D focus has been for the last few years and will be for the foreseeable future. Machine learning is what is going to lead to self driving cars, image recognition, and fully autonomous robotics. At this stage though, most of the really big players are using their huge user bases as test groups for various aspects of their research. That's basically what the image captcha system is, it's you providing google with more data for image recognition for their machine learning in that field.

34 min later 53008407 Anonymous
>>53008288 There's UI/UX people and then there's "design" people. Design people usually have some kind of design / art degree and are liked by management for their apparent savvy about the latest trends in user experience. These are the types that always want to change to the latest new fad for no other reason than to justify the existence of their role. Actual UI/UX people have technical backgrounds and heavily rely on data to drive their change decisions. These types care more about building up a robust infrastructure around monitoring and testing user interactions with the application to capture as much user feedback and data as possible for informing future design choices. UI/UX people put a lot of effort into tracking users and figure out what they need and respond to, a "Design guy" reads tech blogs and magazines to look for the latest flashy gimmick.

1 hours later 53008815 Anonymous
>>53008356 The people who are spearheading that shit are Darpa and people like Raytheon. Google has access to a large user base for their neural network nonsense, but it's the private research companies and Universities that are the tip of the speer.

1 hours later 53008930 Anonymous
>>53008108 Inventors don't have time to socialize.

2 hours later 53009201 Anonymous
>>53008815 yeah it generally tends to be small groups that are just bought out by bigger companies so it appears that only this one giant jellybean is making all these flavors. Education systems often just consist of students doing some project then start a startup then get bought up once they get on the radar by some expo booth and some google drone hired to scout this shit out finds them and hands them a briefcase full of vbucks and its done.

2 hours later 53009214 Anonymous
>>53008108 The new industries focused primarily on developing new technologies?

2 hours later 53009249 Anonymous
>>53008108 immigrants go into tech for a better life. or hardcore nerds. rest of us is lotus eaters

2 hours later 53009398 Anonymous
>>53008141 >white people are pretty much the dumbest and laziest of any group That "honor" goes to your people, nigger.

2 hours later 53009416 Anonymous
>>53008356 Self-driving cars are never going to happen, anon.

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