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2019-06-21 07:39 53007994 Anonymous (npevk9h48jd01.jpg 205x246 12kB)
Of course I did it. How could I not? Did you see her body? Did you see how she was dressed? Any man in my shoes would have taken the opportunity to do what I did. If you were alone, I would have done much, much more. Women who look like that ignite base feelings in men that make them do stupid things. A woman like that with a body like should not walk around in public, ESPECIALLY dressed like that. Dressed like that, she was asking for it. One day I will be in a position where I don't have to act in such a way, but until that day comes, I will take what I can get.

0 min later 53008004 Anonymous
>>53007994 This. Men don't have free will. They are animals.

24 min later 53008197 Anonymous (26d.jpg 495x501 66kB)
>>53008004 I think this is true for everyone. If women had the same triggers and behavior as men, they would do the same thing. The earliest I remember doing this was when I was a child. When I was about 7, I did worse things to younger ones and like I do now, I took any opportunity I could get. I took increasingly bold moves until I was about 12-13. I did things then that would now get me arrested and placed on a list. I once had a period of guilt where I remembered the things I did in my early childhood and I felt extreme guilt and wanted to forget the memories. I eventually repressed them for about 10 years. The fact that they were repressed for so long allowed my behavior to continue in my early teens. During early-mid teens to young adulthood, I stopped doing the things I did. I found more socially acceptable outlets to my feelings. However, the easily accesible socially acceptable outlet soon became not good enough. I wanted much more. I wanted so much more. About 2 years ago, I tried to do things the right way with my peers. I had failed in all of my attempts and in the process, I got called hurtful names and people did things and said things to me that severely damaged my sense of self and my psyche. About a year ago and up to now, I've started acting out again and in the process I did something stupid, got diagnosed with a mental illness, and got charged with a crime. I beat the case and got it taken off my record; now, I act out in much smarter ways. The people who know what I've done are out of my life and chances are that I'll never see them again. Right now, I'm slowly building the confidence and skills to do things the right way (succesfully) and I actually imagine succeeding. But if that doesn't work, I might have to take more drastic measures. My urgers will it so. I never asked to be like this, but this is who I am; this is who I've always been. if I haven't changed then, i'll probably never change.

24 min later 53008198 Anonymous
The fuck's the matter with you dude

29 min later 53008243 Anonymous
>>53008198 You should be asking whats wrong with the world we live in

30 min later 53008248 Anonymous
>>53007994 Based nigger poster. Insulate yourself enough from your true reality such that you can seem like a rly cool guy on shitchan

34 min later 53008286 Anonymous
>>53008198 When you go without such a basic human need without your whole life despite trying, you do other things to compensate.

36 min later 53008304 Anonymous
>>53008286 Don't ruin somebody else's life because you're a failure, you piece of human garbage

38 min later 53008324 Anonymous
>>53008304 I haven't ruined anyone's life....yet. I don't plan on doing so either. However, if I can't get what I want the right way then I'll simply take it. Besides, why should I care about what happens to others. If others cared about what happened to me, do you think I would still be like this?

40 min later 53008339 Anonymous
>>53008286 Wahhhhhhh sex is a need I'm being persecuted In this year, 2019 by those sjw femenist cucklord libtard fucks. Must rape

42 min later 53008363 Anonymous
>>53008339 I have never raped anybody or done anything even close to that. Geesh

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