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2019-06-21 07:31 53007929 Anonymous (DBA2B67C-3083-4BE7-9C54-568AA89BBFF7.jpg 831x799 102kB)
Why not just for pan women? They have lower standards than straight women it seems. Pansexual women are attracted to all different types of genders and people, and I am sure looks aren't a major factor for them.

2 min later 53007948 Anonymous
I only go for nonstick pans. Cast iron is fickle and steel is for woks.

7 min later 53007988 Anonymous (the deal is off until I get proof.jpg 225x225 6kB)
>>53007929 Wake me up when there is going to be a women worth dating.

9 min later 53008001 Anonymous
>>53007929 There are 2 genders

16 min later 53008035 Anonymous
>>53007929 can you stop using words that aren't real thanks

18 min later 53008059 Anonymous
>>53007948 Based and nonstickpilled

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