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2019-06-21 07:27 53007887 Anonymous (file.png 710x400 151kB)
New Zealand thread I wish I were dead

1 min later 53007906 Anonymous
I love my life but have done things I regret.

3 min later 53007930 Anonymous
>>53007887 what are my new zealot bros drinking today

5 min later 53007939 Anonymous
>>53007930 i have jaegar in the cupboard but not sure i want to drink when i'm in a bad mood

12 min later 53007993 Anonymous
>>53007930 poppy tea and some fruit tea to wash it down

20 min later 53008039 Anonymous (1523143607011.png 181x325 45kB)
bored to hell and back. going to bunnings tomorrow to waste time and money. stop being so dramatic.

21 min later 53008048 Anonymous
>>53007887 Gonna shoot up more muslims, faggots? lmao

22 min later 53008065 Anonymous (file.png 1100x1132 1968kB)
>>53007939 Come on anon, have a glass. Drink with me to days gone by.

28 min later 53008118 Anonymous
cute poly nesian pussy

34 min later 53008174 Anonymous
>>53008118 Anyone know any porn with maori chicks?

36 min later 53008199 Anonymous
>>53008174 s3xyMaori pornhub

37 min later 53008202 Anonymous
Holy shit, fuck Massey. The girls here fucking suck and my classes are full of genuine autism lads. I don't know how much longer I can put up with these retards

39 min later 53008224 Anonymous
>>53007887 >tfw no kiwi slut gf to spank, chike and fuck unconscious Dammnit such a sexy accent your whores have

40 min later 53008228 Anonymous
Is it worth going to nz for holiday from aus?

42 min later 53008250 Anonymous
>>53008228 Depends on what you're into. If you wanna be cold and go hiking, then sure. If you wanna shop then you're better off going to Sydney or Melbourne.

44 min later 53008261 Anonymous
oi sam im starting work right now gizzik DEUCE

50 min later 53008320 Anonymous
Being a dictionary addict, I am amazed by the inclusion of many Maori words which look totally alien to English. In the CSW dictionary, there are valid Maori words such as WHENUA, RAHUI, ATAATA, TAIHOA, WAIATA, AROHA, WAHINE... the list goes on. They make Scrabble and Boggle more playable so thank you for existing, Maori peoples.

53 min later 53008346 Anonymous (Toa_Metru_Whenua.jpg 250x188 13kB)
>>53008320 >WHENUA Lmao That's the name of a Bionicle. I forgot about Lego stealing names from the Maori language.

54 min later 53008357 Anonymous
>>53008250 I live in melbourne and im tired of shopping for things that dont give me any joy. I wanted to go to thailand, but have never left the country. Thought that nz would be a good starting point.

55 min later 53008365 Anonymous
>>53008357 well if you wanna walk around mountains and see the places where Lord of the Rings was filmed, then NZ is the best place to go.

1 hours later 53008568 Anonymous
hey kiwibots im a britbong living in Wellington atm whats with these gay scooters now

1 hours later 53008602 Anonymous
I want to drink or get stoned bros but I have 50 cents in my bank

1 hours later 53008648 Anonymous
>>53007887 Why bruh do you live in shithole india or fuckin packed fucked up china? 1.3 billion in each imagine the average quality of life there, half of them have it worse than that! You most likely have access to a toilet and food and water and obviosly an internet connection In summation shut the fuck u[ op you fucking faggot Go eat a christchurch muzzy's dick

1 hours later 53008771 Anonymous
>>53008648 You sound like a nigger. Learn to string a sentence together.

1 hours later 53008848 Anonymous
>>53008771 lol just because I said bruh? for sure the best race black people aren't white and that's okay! Being black is okay! Sure if you have a gf of the same race you 100% look like fraternal twins! and that's alright! It's fine if it's too windy you get lip issues! That's alright!

2 hours later 53008973 Anonymous
>>53008568 >whats with these gay scooters now those gay faggots should be executed

2 hours later 53009128 Anonymous
>>53008202 lol why did you chose massey you dumb fuck

2 hours later 53009159 Anonymous
>>53007887 just finished my degree at auckland uni, glad to leave auckland, too many asians and indians. makes me feel like its not NZ. That being said I did enjoy some prime chink pussy during my time at uni

2 hours later 53009332 Anonymous
>>53009159 >, glad to leave auckland, too many asians and indians. makes me feel like its not NZ if you ignore auckalnd it will infect the rest of the country

2 hours later 53009345 Anonymous (7jx5WM7Fct4.jpg 414x604 45kB)
Your ISPs need to start blocking your access here, and do a better job at it. Instead of just blocking it at the DNS level.

3 hours later 53009503 Anonymous
>>53009159 im in auckland uni and thinking of dropping out. im miserable here. i hate everyone here.

3 hours later 53009516 Anonymous
>>53009503 what year are you in? I almost dropped out at one point.

3 hours later 53009523 Anonymous
>>53009516 3 years of engineering left. im considering going to wellington though ive never been.

3 hours later 53009529 Anonymous
>>53009332 importing migrants artificially props up our shitty export economy. Don't expect it to get any better elsewhere in NZ

3 hours later 53009564 Anonymous
>>53009503 >>53009523 i will be your friend buddy hel[ ypi study nobody#3375

3 hours later 53009581 Anonymous
>>53009523 Stick with it anon, I promise its worth it. Best advice I have is make as many friends as you can in you courses. Most people are too scared to talk to anyone, just talk to someone at lectures, you'd be extremely surprised how receptive most people are to human interaction. > "hey what did you think of the last assignment?"

3 hours later 53009601 Anonymous
>>53008048 fuckin based amiright boys

3 hours later 53009656 Anonymous (1503382178659.jpg 500x294 58kB)
>>53009564 drunken boy, get some rest

3 hours later 53009673 Anonymous
>>53009332 i am from a small town in the north island, and even when i go back home every christmas i see an suspiciously increased amount of chinks or indians. not auckland levels, but id never even met an asian or indian until i had moved to a bigger city when i went to uni it makes me fucking sad

3 hours later 53009688 Anonymous
>>53009673 me too bro add me nobody#3375

3 hours later 53009795 Anonymous
>>53009673 which small town m'lord? everytime I go back home to whangarei I notice the sameshit

3 hours later 53009833 Anonymous
>>53009673 Small town North Island represent!

4 hours later 53010016 Anonymous
i wanna kill myself oroginilisd

4 hours later 53010022 Anonymous
>>53010016 pleas no i want kiwi friends

4 hours later 53010059 Anonymous
how much do yall make >mcdonalds chef >minimum wage kill me

4 hours later 53010094 Anonymous
>>53009673 It always makes me laugh when small town people tell me about how bad Auckland is. They have to be retarded to think it won't happen to them.

4 hours later 53010160 Anonymous
why are lDs even gone? >>53007939 Just Milo for me, extra scoops >>53010059 NEET 'bout tree fiddy

5 hours later 53010414 Anonymous (images.jpg 225x225 9kB)
any wellyfags wanna make friends soba#1277

6 hours later 53010726 Anonymous

6 hours later 53010773 Anonymous
BUUMPyhsgsgdfhdhdfhdf \ \

6 hours later 53010791 Anonymous
>>53007930 Steinlager Pures. I Don't know if I should finish the box or not.

6 hours later 53010793 Anonymous
Bros whats the easiest way to get a visa to move to NZ? I have only 2 yrs experience in IT

6 hours later 53010803 Anonymous
>>53009673 Tokoroa?

6 hours later 53010821 Anonymous
hey senpaitachi, in auckland cold and bored as fuck wanna smoke some weed but too lazy to get my ass out of the comfort, whos with me?

6 hours later 53010858 Anonymous
>tfw no qt gay guys in the whole country

6 hours later 53010875 Anonymous
>>53010821 >Jafa >Kiwi LOL

6 hours later 53010912 Anonymous
>>53007887 I said Nigger three times on public radio in Wellington today lmoa.

6 hours later 53010953 Anonymous (Highly polished New Zealand pāua shells are extremely popular as souvenirs with their striking blue, green, and purple iridescence. Empty shells are often used as ashtrays.jpg 2121x1414 783kB)
Highly polished New Zealand paua shells are extremely popular as souvenirs with their striking blue, green, and purple iridescence. Empty shells are often used as ashtrays

6 hours later 53011071 Anonymous
>>53010912 incel moment

7 hours later 53011274 Anonymous
>>53008048 That was an Aussie

7 hours later 53011297 Anonymous (588181E9-FC88-45E3-AD47-FA332655AB7D.jpg 750x513 71kB)
Should I get a passport and visit/move? Are things better there than they are in america?

7 hours later 53011583 Anonymous
>>53011297 kiwi girl here I think NZ is far less degenerate and more comfy than america

7 hours later 53011605 Anonymous (EVOXNV4RUZG4XMKCJAYZKYFKQQ.jpg 360x384 18kB)
>>53011297 They aren't bro, stay in America its far better than this overpriced shit hole. Its cucked as fuck down here, I wish I had the money to leave.

7 hours later 53011637 Anonymous (0AFC4BF1-CB21-4447-8055-649A67546895.jpg 480x480 28kB)
>>53011583 Would you be my qt accent nz gf if I moved there

7 hours later 53011654 Anonymous
>>53011637 If I like you and you are ok with dating me maybe

7 hours later 53011700 Anonymous
>>53011654 Do you masturbate to the sound of 1000 niggers going Chea my name is TYYYYRONEEEE CHEA

7 hours later 53011703 Anonymous (51829789-697D-4A77-B781-DDA2D8997F77.jpg 790x837 83kB)
>>53011654 Can you vocaroo your voice, I've only heard my nana's nz accent besides hollywood movie stuff and I like the way it sounds when kiwi women talk. much comfier than american hags

7 hours later 53011722 Anonymous (1513149803421.png 1112x886 62kB)
>>53010059 >property owner >6 figs+ >age 23 >all I do is read, lift and play video games Anyone want to be friends?

8 hours later 53012211 Anonymous
>>53011605 Is it that expensive to live there? Why?

8 hours later 53012237 Anonymous
burger here how do i get a kiwi gf?

9 hours later 53012601 Anonymous
>>53012237 I want to know this too kiwi girls have the best accent. well maybe not the best french girls have the best but french girls don't know english so nz is second best

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