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2019-06-21 07:26 53007877 Anonymous (wavehand.jpg 414x414 33kB)
/reminder/ sexhavers are normalfags if you've got the necessary social skills or social circle to obtain sex then you're NOT a robot

1 min later 53007896 Anonymous
reminder that aquaposters need to be bent over and topped by real men

3 min later 53007909 Anonymous
>>53007896 thats meguposters mate

4 min later 53007924 Anonymous
>>53007877 This is a normie board now. Do you guys like pinning thier hands above their head the first time or do you like to save that for the second date?

6 min later 53007943 Anonymous
>>53007909 shut the fuck up useless sissy I'm gonna breed you right here right now

50 min later 53008315 Anonymous
I watched hentai with a girl and she asked if I wanted to have sex and I nearly had a panic attack and had to say no. Am I still a robot?

53 min later 53008328 Anonymous
>>53007877 Reminder that gatekeeping based on your own biased viewpoints is counterproductive to achieving meaningful relationships and valuable foreign perspectives.

1 hours later 53008460 Anonymous (1452206755181.png 500x338 45kB)
>>53008328 >Gatekeeping OP's valuable objective foreign perspective with your own biased counterproductive viewpoint.

1 hours later 53008466 Anonymous (dddd.jpg 1037x657 178kB)
>>53008328 Reminder, read the pic then fuck off.

3 hours later 53009434 Anonymous (chad2.png 92x128 12kB)
>>53008315 How did you even ended up in the situation of watching hentai with a girl, chad?

3 hours later 53009449 Anonymous (E7BFAC0D-1479-44C6-A25B-4B9D41318743.jpg 560x221 30kB)
>>53008315 >rejecting sex Chad af TBQHWYF

6 hours later 53010813 Anonymous
>>53008315 You chadded up

6 hours later 53010826 Anonymous
>>53009449 I did that but I'm far from chad I hadn't a condom atm she also offered to suck but I rejected and focused on groping her

6 hours later 53010900 Anonymous
What if it's sex that requires no social skills or a social circle

6 hours later 53010911 Anonymous
>>53010900 All sex does, unless its with a prostitute, in which case it isnt real sex

6 hours later 53010925 Anonymous
>>53010911 How is it not "real" sex? What about incest? Doesn't require a social circle.

6 hours later 53011008 Anonymous
>>53007877 They might not be robots, but that's doesn't mean they automatically have it better. Look at this shit: https://www.reddit.com/r/deadbedroo ms Ignorance is bliss. On some level us robots don't completely know what we're missing (we just have vague impressions and ideas). Those people have actually tasted what they are now deprived of. And they don't even have the hope of somehow finding someone that would love them, like we probably do on some unconscious level. Gatekeepers aren't true robots, for the reason that true robots know what it means to be one and don't have to prove it be finding people to contrast themselves with.

6 hours later 53011024 Anonymous
>>53010826 Same thing happened to me anon, but in my case she actually got to spread her ass in front of me because I was fingering her, then she begged me to fuck her but I didn't have a condom at the time and was scared af to get her pregnant since I'm a premature ejaculator. She was so dissapointed in me for not fucking her that she never let me touch her again. Crazy story, she was babysitting her 1 or 2 y/o niece and we did all that in the bathroom while the baby was in the shower playing with the water

6 hours later 53011056 Anonymous
>>53010911 >unless its with a prostitute, in which case it isnt real sex Oh great so I can stay

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