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2019-06-21 07:22 53007838 Anonymous (B20C3759-1935-4C47-8F05-63DFF61A584B.jpg 1125x1475 250kB)
Fembots, if your waist is more than half the circumference

0 min later 53007849 Anonymous
>>53007838 >Of your hips, how can you compete with this? Sorry, I was typing one handed. ;)

0 min later 53007850 Anonymous
more krabby patties

1 min later 53007860 Anonymous
>>53007838 its that a man?

3 min later 53007869 Anonymous
She's so perfect, what I would do to worship her belly button

5 min later 53007888 Anonymous
>>53007838 The sad part is that women like her procreate really late in life,IF they even do. >perfect fat distribution genetics >6'0 tall >delicate feminine features All going to waste.

7 min later 53007915 Anonymous
>>53007860 >DAE giant titties? Fuck off underage zoomer

11 min later 53007950 Anonymous (573373862477.jpg 1089x721 64kB)
>>53007915 She kinda haves them, though.

12 min later 53007961 Anonymous (e27372ea3ea6d334bef9df0c997de1990061b3059e72f2dce3bc6a60bdc76c6e.jpg 900x900 78kB)
>>53007838 ...then what, OP?

24 min later 53008029 Anonymous
>>53007961 See >>53007849 Is it that fucking difficult?

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