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2019-06-21 07:19 53007813 Anonymous (1560995848059.jpg 1230x1280 319kB)
Have you ever availed the services of an escort? How was the experience?

3 min later 53007847 Anonymous
>How was the experience? Only done it two times. First one as a virgin was a bit humiliating, we kissed and she sucked me but bent my dick while riding me and couldnt get hard anymore, tbf it was my fault. Second time everything went right, we did 69 and other positions, came when doing missionary. Wouldpayforagain/10

15 min later 53007963 Anonymous
I never would. I know that I am repulsive. The idea that somebody would endure me like an eating challenge on Fear Factor just makes me sad. I want somebody to want me, and if I can't have that then it's better to just be alone.

21 min later 53008000 Anonymous
>>53007813 ive fucked 65 hookers in thailand. i highly recommend it. its amazing

25 min later 53008022 Anonymous
Tried but they didnt respond

25 min later 53008025 Anonymous
>>53008000 how many of them had dicks?

31 min later 53008075 Anonymous
>>53008025 *yawwwn* gets old man. there is tons of qts. ladyboys only populate the scumbag centers

33 min later 53008091 Anonymous (1559602361894.jpg 700x688 155kB)
Oh god whats wrong with me. I got incredibly horny and edged for like 3-4 hours while contacting several older female escorts setting up times to have them "take my virginity" even though I lost it 2 years ago with some dudes wife off craigslist for $50. Its so appealing though. Theres this J cup lady in her late 40's with a bush thatll do bareback in my town and I set up to meet her tomorrow. Obviously Im not going, but if I didnt force myself to cum a bit ago I might have done it and probably gotten an std.

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