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2019-06-21 07:18 53007796 Anonymous (9244c5b802d0b8f73ae3cf6fdb46a711.jpg 768x1024 115kB)
I am a 27 and a half year old virgin

1 min later 53007815 Anonymous
>>53007796 That just means you are more pure and you will be a better husband for your wife :3

1 min later 53007820 Anonymous
>>53007796 Whatever happens happens.. Just don't expect anything.

2 min later 53007830 Anonymous
Fuck off you low-level noob, not even 30 year old boomer with wizard powers yet baka

1 hours later 53008703 Anonymous (1547467534580.png 729x942 499kB)
>>53007796 I want to snuggle your face! Cute Futo-poster.

2 hours later 53009008 Anonymous
>>53007796 Wait anot two and a half years and become a wizard. Pick the necromancy domain, element magic for pussies

2 hours later 53009035 Anonymous (the kong.jpg 626x513 99kB)
Meet another virgin friend with the same interest as you. Eventually develop feeling for each others then save yourself from roasties. Both wins.

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