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2019-06-21 07:16 53007780 Anonymous (superthumb.jpg 300x250 21kB)
Anyone else away from home? >dad hit me this morning >older brother's letting me crash in his apartment

9 min later 53007874 Anonymous (1560354065034.jpg 1121x726 212kB)
>>53007780 Yep. Got strung out on heroin again, family found out a few hours ago and now I am sitting in parking lot of a hospital smoking cigarettes (and high on heroin) Probably going to check myself into the crisis center, not just for a place to stay but I genuinely want to kms right now and have the means to do so. Teetering on the edge, nothing to lose, but nothing to gain

9 min later 53007880 Anonymous
>>53007780 your dad probably had a pretty good reason for hitting you desu.

11 min later 53007895 Anonymous
>>53007780 im conflicted between asking you what happened and asking you to fuck your brother

19 min later 53007972 Anonymous
>>53007780 your dad sounds pretty based anon

21 min later 53007982 Anonymous
>>53007880 >your dad probably had a pretty good reason for hitting you desu. considering the image he used he's probably a tranny

21 min later 53007984 Anonymous
>>53007874 Just walk inside and do what's best for you. >>53007880 Probably. I called him a piece of shit because he wouldn't fly to see my grandmother, his mother, on her deathbed. She loaned him money earlier this year too. She deserves the visit. >>53007895 no >>53007972 He's lazy and selfish.

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