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2019-06-21 07:16 53007771 Anonymous (7BF6DBF8-8129-491E-B098-9236570D5068.png 636x634 438kB)
Has anyone here ever gone from having no friends to being okay?

1 min later 53007782 Anonymous
>>53007771 i did, im okay with having no friends now

1 min later 53007783 Anonymous
>>53007771 You mean finding solace in being alone? I havent had friends in like 2 years and it depresses me sometimes

4 min later 53007822 Anonymous (6d206dfa34d8621b6988dd26d8be068b5119c422eadbe342a45806d16bbcda0f.png 255x255 54kB)
>>53007771 yes. first key is to not think stupid nigger gangbangers are human beings. also work out and go socialize with people instead of browsing 4chan. this isnt helping you. make the choices to better yourself and situation now, not tomorrow. don't be filth.

4 min later 53007824 Anonymous
>>53007771 after 3 years of having no friends i am fine with having no friends. you will adapt. humans always adapt

5 min later 53007834 Anonymous (871349CA-3BEC-42A3-BB38-F06EEC65B9B1.jpg 363x224 61kB)
>>53007822 Moons aren't human either

8 min later 53007865 Anonymous (1560146710256.jpg 490x490 73kB)
>>53007834 the moon is an idea (:

11 min later 53007890 Anonymous
9 years friendcel here, sometimes I feel ok but when life gets tough its when I yearn for friendship more, its probably just a need to vent. I wonder if it gets better, I mean if my life improves I think I can manage without friends but all points to it getting worse, having friends would be a nice crutch. I was ok not having friends 4 years ago when all was fine.

15 min later 53007931 Anonymous
>>53007771 I like this meme because it's true. In 70 years Americans will romanticize south Chicago in the same ways they romanticize the mob of the early century.

19 min later 53007965 Anonymous
I support both of them

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