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2019-06-21 07:13 53007733 Anonymous What do you regret? (file.png 542x602 53kB)
>stoner burnout high school junior with barely passing grades >my inner city high school was able to get holocaust survivor to speak >my English class was lucky enough to be one of the classes to hear her >I get high during lunch then proceed to sleep through the whole assembly This was a couple years ago, but I still think about it. It's not the thing I regret the most, but it's one of those things that makes me want to go back in time and beat the shit out of myself. Just a pileup of all my youth fuckups in one day. inb4 holohoax keep that on /pol/ t.blogpost

4 min later 53007795 Anonymous (1kxxt9.jpg 600x583 42kB)
>>53007733 Thanks for ruining my night by reminding me anti-semites like you still exist, OP.

7 min later 53007823 Anonymous
>>53007795 >>53007733 this, i cant believe op did this to a holocaust survivor, it makes me sick

7 min later 53007829 Anonymous
>what do you regret obviously being born, duh never forget we're all trapped in this shit till rest in peace

9 min later 53007840 Anonymous
>>53007733 That's sounds fucking rough, man I'm really sorry to hear that. Mine is just never keeping a good schedule or being as productive as I could be. I feel like I could be so far ahead and have my shit together if I actually took advantage of my free time.

10 min later 53007856 Anonymous
I never told her "goodbye" and I never gave the other girls in high school a chance

11 min later 53007862 Anonymous
That time I had a qt 8/10 licking all over my upper body, pinching my butt and standing like Mew2king when he got kissed Also pussying out on spending 1300 neetbux on Bitcoins in 2013

15 min later 53007907 Anonymous (1552851087957.png 910x650 326kB)
I wouldnt worry about it anon. The holocaust didnt happen so you just missed listening to some crusty old kike making up boogeyman stories.

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