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2019-06-21 07:12 53007723 Anonymous (E651D9E3-DE1C-4E9F-829C-EC1FEE83F8E3.jpg 640x679 142kB)
So how can you guys still argue that girls only like Chad?

1 min later 53007740 Anonymous
>>53007723 Simple, his luck mogs my luck

1 min later 53007743 Anonymous
I doubt there's any sex going on in that "relationship."

3 min later 53007765 Anonymous
>>53007743 Lucky them. Sex is overrated after the first year of a relationship, unless you take a week break get drunk and do kinky shit.

3 min later 53007770 Anonymous (Foamy The Squirrel: People Are The Problem.png 573x331 350kB)
>>53007723 Girls don't only likes Chad. They like other peoples. Just very stereotyped peoples. Cliche goes with cliche and vice versa. It's hard for someone actually original to find a mate that is compatible with himself/herself.

4 min later 53007774 Anonymous
>>53007765 t. some who isnt getting laid

5 min later 53007793 Anonymous
Would love if Mikaela decided to share her wisdom, I want to get a qt like she did

9 min later 53007837 Anonymous (20190618_113545.png 320x320 68kB)
>>53007774 My last girlfriend was horny as fuck and wanted to fuck every night for an hour minimum. I have a full time job and after the first few months staying up late every night got obnoxious. If you've never experienced this then your girl probably has a Chad on the side.

14 min later 53007878 Anonymous (1445381538748.png 373x327 229kB)
>>53007770 You were getting somewhere with the "everyone has someone that goes with them" and then you just take it to "but nobody for me because I'm so ORIGINAL" to wrapping your head around the idea that there's someone just like (or at least very similar to) you somewhere is a developmental milestone for what? 18 year olds? There's more than just you on this board, bud. You're not as original as you think.

31 min later 53008017 Anonymous
>>53007723 I cant tell which one is the tranny they are both horrifically ugly I think this is just an elaborately sad greenscreen of the same fugly guy doing pictures of himself crossdressed with himself.

37 min later 53008054 Anonymous
>>53007878 You know what. believe whatever you want to believe I could care less

37 min later 53008063 Anonymous
>>53008054 most cliche response you could have given there, sport.

37 min later 53008064 Anonymous
>>53007723 LMAO So this is how playing "house" looks like as an adult. next up: Pretend depression Pretend suicide

38 min later 53008071 Anonymous
>>53008063 Says yourself after a comeback to a reply.

39 min later 53008078 Anonymous
>>53008071 >IM JUST LIKE YOU! nah kiddo, you wish

39 min later 53008080 Anonymous (1551456807555.png 1200x1200 726kB)
>>53007723 Wait, WHICH one is the disfigured trans?

40 min later 53008089 Anonymous (1473531440371s.jpg 250x249 6kB)
>>53008054 >>53008063 >>53008071 >>53008078 Who's talking to who here??

40 min later 53008090 Anonymous
>>53008078 Out of context derailling.

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