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2019-06-21 07:05 53007639 Anonymous (6AD26848-10FF-40F6-8FDD-1C9CF52E1D94.jpg 540x960 88kB)
Dumb question maybe but can you run your computer without a graphics card if you're only browsing the internet?

2 min later 53007673 Anonymous
>>53007639 In order to display an image onto a monitor, you need a graphics processing unit (GPU). Some GPUs may be built into a motherboard or into a CPU. If your motherboard/CPU has onboard graphics then it will probably suffice for internet surfing.

6 min later 53007715 Anonymous
>>53007639 Every modern CPU (anything purchased after 2013) has some form of GPU built into it, though they're usually shit (although these built-in GPUs over the past few years have been surprisingly OK all things considered). You'll probably be able to browse the internet, but you might have problems watching videos (especially if they are a high resolution, or at a high framerate), and you might have problems with large displays. With javascript turned off, you should be fine.

8 min later 53007735 Anonymous
>>53007639 Just find out what kind of MB you got and go on newegg and search for compatible GPUs and find the cheapest one and search for it even cheaper with a direct google search. I'm sure you can find a 30 dollar piece of shit somewhere to hold you over

9 min later 53007746 Anonymous
>>53007715 I have a Ryzen 1800 so the CPU is really good, I just need to send the video card back on warranty. However as long as that may take, I don't want to be unable to use my computer obviously, at the very least just browse the chans and check email. >>53007735 I could try this too if the CPU can't handle simple web surfing, yeah.

1 hours later 53008636 Anonymous
yes, you can browse the internet with integrated graphics on the mobo instead of a graphics card

2 hours later 53008729 Anonymous
>>53007673 No you don't. The first display adapters were video ram and ramdac plus a bit of logic so the CPU could adress the video ram. All image processing was handled by the CPU. >>53007715 Not true. There are many CPUs without an integrated GPU.

2 hours later 53008861 Anonymous
>>53007746 >Ryzen 1800 No integrated CPU. You either need an onboard or an add on graphics card.

2 hours later 53008927 Anonymous
>>53008861 meant no integrated GPU

2 hours later 53008951 Anonymous
you don't need a graphics card for most things

2 hours later 53008954 Anonymous
>>53007639 Yes, CPUs have intergrated graphics these days. You should be fine browsing with only that. Your motherboard also has an integrated soundcard so you don't have to think about that either. You really only need CPU, Motherboard, RAM, SSD, Power Supply and a Case to hold everything together.

2 hours later 53008989 Anonymous
Thanks for the answers, I guess I'll have to check if the MB has a graficks card on it, otherwise will just get a super cheap one in the meantime.

2 hours later 53009011 Anonymous
>>53008636 >>53008951 >>53008954 R7 1800 doesn't have an iGPU fucking morons

2 hours later 53009031 Anonymous
>>53009011 that's not a computer that's a dog

2 hours later 53009050 Anonymous
>>53008989 Your CPU most of the times has the integrated graphics. https://www.amazon.com/Intel-Pentiu m-Dual-Core-Processor-BX80677G4560/ dp/B01NCE8T92 This would be just fine for your use. If you don't plan to play games, of course.

2 hours later 53009061 Anonymous
>>53009050 Make sure the motherboard supports the 1151 intel socket.

2 hours later 53009064 Anonymous
>>53007639 hmmmm without any gpu or integrated graphics I THINK you could use a text based web browser? maybe? otherwise if you're building a computer to just browse the web get a cpu an integrated gpu

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