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2019-06-21 07:04 53007626 Anonymous (Krist-Novoselic.jpg 900x600 76kB)
I'm not gay but there is no way this isn't the coolest man to ever exist. This man is everything anyone wants to be. The ultimate chad.

1 min later 53007651 Anonymous
>>53007626 Krist is pretty fucking chad, I can't deny

2 min later 53007661 Anonymous
>>53007626 who ls this person

3 min later 53007669 Anonymous
he was a zero talent fucktard thankfully someone else wrote his basslines in nirvana's most important songs.

4 min later 53007681 Anonymous
>>53007669 i thhink he realizes this, which is why he's a politician now

6 min later 53007714 Anonymous
>>53007661 Bass player for Nirvana >>53007669 I wouldn't call him no-talent. His basslines were very simple and didn't require a lot of skill, sure. Kurt Cobain's guitar riffs were also super simple. Sometimes you don't need to write the best instrumentals to make great music

11 min later 53007761 Anonymous
>>53007661 christ novoselic , bass player of nirvana

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