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2019-06-21 07:02 53007609 Anonymous (4EEB0DD1-EA77-4380-B9EF-EE3131948606.jpg 2048x2048 534kB)
what sort of jewish trickery is this

0 min later 53007617 Anonymous
>>53007609 unironically angles

1 min later 53007621 Anonymous
>>53007609 He killed himself in May.

3 min later 53007650 Anonymous (190608182032515652.jpg 400x711 63kB)
>>53007609 lot of plastic surgery and luck, maybe 0,001% of tranners have the chance to become this passable and close to resambling a women, not to mention tranners starting to transition at fuckign 30 yrs of age

6 min later 53007684 Anonymous
>>53007650 >become this passable Even that's an overstatement, it's a mix of fake lashes, makeup and angles fr

7 min later 53007691 Anonymous
>>53007609 Has anyone ever seen his forehead?

8 min later 53007711 Anonymous
>>53007617 You know she's a famous pornstar and has videos from every angle, right? >>53007650 >>53007684 She hasn't had plastic surgery to my knowledge. As for angles, see above.

13 min later 53007766 Anonymous
>>53007621 is this true? sad if true

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