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2019-06-21 06:57 53007565 Anonymous (6.jpg 1046x1500 350kB)
Well, just turned 23 and still a kissless virgin. I think at this point I will become a wizard.

2 min later 53007589 Anonymous
>>53007565 I'll be you in 7 months time. I dont feel things are getting easier with time, more like the opposite

9 min later 53007663 Anonymous (082.gif 305x320 1003kB)
>>53007565 I'm 26 and same. I had a lot of chances as a teenager. Had 3 women come up and ask me out (they were all uggos) but I sperged and mumbled something and walked away. I had 2 girlfriends but we never did anything at all because I was too young. Then I became a fat fuck and women became repulsed on sight seeing me.

11 min later 53007682 Anonymous
>>53007589 I feel like I can't go forward until I break this barrier. Also nobody knows I haven't kissed anyone, not even my closest friends.

19 min later 53007773 Anonymous
>>53007663 If you manage to get a gf, will you tell her that you're kissless or keep it a secret?

20 min later 53007786 Anonymous
>>53007663 Fuck you I have never had a girlfriend nor had a girl ask you out I envy you

22 min later 53007808 Anonymous
>>53007565 Dont worry, I'm 26 and had a lot of friends who were virgins at 23. It all worked out for them eventually. because they bought VR headsets. If you're a virgin past 21 you're fucked sorry dude

24 min later 53007835 Anonymous
>>53007808 Like that black mirror episode? They fucked each other in VR?

25 min later 53007843 Anonymous
>>53007682 Keep it that way man. No one must know how we live behind closed doors, or it's really all over.

26 min later 53007854 Anonymous
>>53007835 Not even, they just talk about their hentai shit.

30 min later 53007894 Anonymous
>>53007843 Someone must have deduced it or at least assumes it.

32 min later 53007914 Anonymous (__kitten_gravity_daze_and_gravity_daze_2_drawn_by_exlic__5ab5d51e6d66bd88c4656c5cd28ad59a.png 819x1280 396kB)
>>53007773 I'm not sure. Some might be repulsed by it. Others might get super excited they get to take my virginity (or I've read too many doujins). If I actually find someone interested in me, I'd have to know their personality first.

36 min later 53007944 Anonymous
>>53007894 Most people don't go around accusing others of being space aliens or vampires. It's nearly the same plausibility in their minds.

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