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2019-06-21 06:52 53007519 Anonymous (1870E59E-60A7-4067-A0C6-12CB716BD42B.jpg 665x583 63kB)
>Wageslaving slave hours, 12 AM - 12 PM >Store is closed by the time I clock out so I have to tell my manager to let me out >Tell her I'm taking an Uber >She asks why since I live a 12 minute walk away from my job and she knows >I tell her I'm not going home >The ears of my female coworkers (3 of them) including my female manager perk >They make "ooooooh" sounds >At this point I realize the implication of me not going home at 12:30 AM from work >Everyone thinks I'm gonna get laid >in reality 24 year old kissless virgin who's going for some 1 AM ihop >Manager asks where I'm going >what would Chad do in this situation >Grin to myself, avoid eye contact, and look at my phone >I don't answer the question >She asks 2 more times before dropping the subject >10 minutes later my uber arrives and I go Did I make the Chad play guys? Will rumors spread about me getting pussy?

0 min later 53007523 Anonymous
>>53007519 12 PM - 12 AM*

2 min later 53007550 Anonymous
You could have said you were going to ihop and one of your coworkers probably would have went with you, which would have sparked conversation, and you could have gotten laid.

17 min later 53007699 Anonymous
>>53007550 The women who overheard were post wall. All the hot girls were clocked out or out of earshot

2 hours later 53008603 Anonymous
>>53007519 They will just forget everything within a week and all will be back to normal.

2 hours later 53009021 Anonymous (ollesafeee.jpg 800x450 39kB)
>>53008603 Not if I do this one a week every midnight

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