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2019-06-21 06:49 53007490 Anonymous (Screenshot_20190620-222339.png 760x623 596kB)
>no discernable value in society anymore >Fragmented community, dying church, atomized family >20 years of being called the funny, undatable weird guy Lately, I've been wondering if it's all even worth it

7 min later 53007555 Anonymous (bQOeGmQ.jpg 463x699 78kB)
Have you tried drugs? Originaloli

7 min later 53007558 Anonymous
How do you present yourself op

11 min later 53007592 Anonymous
>>53007490 i think we are undergoing a very huge change right in how humanity organizes itself. My question is who thrives in these times, and what do they have in common?

16 min later 53007640 Anonymous
>>53007592 chinese people? STEMfags? jezebels? algal blooms?

16 min later 53007647 Anonymous (1560656485915m.jpg 622x1024 113kB)
>>53007592 My theory is similar to Jacques Ellul's "technique" - those who embrace the concept will be both enslaved and successful. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thefra ilestthing.com/2017/11/24/jacques-e llul-on-adaptation-of-human-beings- to-the-technical-milieu/amp/

17 min later 53007664 Anonymous (auti.jpg 219x230 10kB)
>>53007592 ill tell you who thrives my friend ...the autistocrats!

25 min later 53007751 Anonymous (1397093115210.jpg 295x433 12kB)
>>53007558 People have said I look like Hitler with no facial hair. At work they call me Lurch, because I had a botched ankle surgery so I walk like a ~190cm toy soldier. I smile too much, and I fear that women can sense my straight-edge, introverted demeanor.

37 min later 53007882 Anonymous
>>53007751 You sound like an autist-in-denial.

40 min later 53007911 Anonymous
>>53007751 >20 years of being called the funny, undatable weird guy. >At work they call me Lurch Your entourage seem like real assholes

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