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2019-06-21 06:48 53007484 Anonymous (girl with scar.jpg 570x765 66kB)
Why don't you just lower your standards bro? Are you too good for a girl like this?

1 min later 53007503 Anonymous
>implying thanks to KS a girl with some kind of disfigurement or physical disability is my ideal gf

3 min later 53007511 Anonymous
Her eyes aren't quite almond and her eyebrows are too thick. 2/10 would not date.

3 min later 53007513 Anonymous
Of course not. Even a girl like that is too good for me.

19 min later 53007680 Anonymous
>>53007503 lilly best girl bacon girl second best. fuck drills

21 min later 53007698 Anonymous
>>53007484 She's too good for me OP. She's cute af. I don't mind the birthmark at all. I have vitiligo in my family anyway, so I might end up looking like that at some point in the future.

22 min later 53007712 Anonymous
I really want to love her but I remember Nam everytime I see her face.

23 min later 53007720 Anonymous
>>53007484 Funny story one of the ugliest girl back in high school was the girl that had the most guys following her around. Moral of the story, women will never have scarcity of males.

26 min later 53007760 Anonymous
>>53007484 Birthmarks are fucking weird. Sometimes they are just purple spots and sometimes they are like hairy as fuck sometimes. Sometimes they give you cancer.

32 min later 53007825 Anonymous
>>53007511 >Her eyes arent quite almond Faggot did you copy this from a meme page? Kys. I sucked 5 dicks to earn the right to call you a faggot

33 min later 53007833 Anonymous
>>53007712 >I remember Nam Holy shit its not actually a wraith in our midst is it????

39 min later 53007901 Anonymous
>>53007680 Bacon girl is boring. Rin best girl.

43 min later 53007935 Anonymous
>>53007825 Not my fault you have such low standards, homo.

59 min later 53008042 Anonymous
>>53007484 I almost did, but she was 30, and I had a girlfriend at the time. I seem to be attracted to girls with depression

59 min later 53008045 Anonymous
>>53007484 the wine stain only makes her better desu

1 hours later 53008057 Anonymous
>>53008045 This, you can slap her to your hearts delight and none will be the wiser.

1 hours later 53008142 Anonymous
>>53007484 Almsot every man has this exact same idea at some point and tries lowering his standards, which is how you get Juggernaut Law where even tall, fit men get rejected by ugly obese women.

1 hours later 53008152 Anonymous
>>53008142 why do so many gross men easily get wives then?

1 hours later 53008172 Anonymous
>>53008152 because that anon is retarded and thinks all dating is tinder

1 hours later 53008291 Anonymous (image.jpg 833x925 425kB)
>>53007484 Shes cute and the mark makes her unique

1 hours later 53008389 Anonymous (Acid-attack-Atsede-Nigussiem-1052447.jpg 590x708 72kB)
>>53007484 >>Don't use the 10 pounds of make-up you put on to cover up a slight skin condition just so you can get those pity points If she was actually disfigure none you fags would give a shit about her.

1 hours later 53008403 Anonymous
>>53008389 anon you can't cover it up with makeup

1 hours later 53008508 Anonymous
>>53007484 >tfw no Balalaika gf

1 hours later 53008526 Anonymous (FCD9D5D4-E80E-4726-860B-E50A28E00298.png 750x1334 220kB)
>are you too good for a girl like this? Yes >t. 1000 matches on Tinder

1 hours later 53008549 Anonymous
>>53008526 How in the fuck How long did it take you to do that, anon?

1 hours later 53008553 Anonymous
>>53008549 >How in the fuck fake profile

2 hours later 53008625 Anonymous
>>53008549 >>53008553 Im a pretty good looking kid desu if were being objective. My brother is an absolute Chad and I have pretty good genes too; I just have zero confidence, mental illness, and probably meet all the criteria for avoidant personality disorder so I cant get a gf and am too afraid to meeting up with any of them. Looks are far from everything

2 hours later 53008659 Anonymous
>>53007484 Winestains like that usually grow quite large with age, she's lucky its at skin level Still 10/10 would bang

2 hours later 53008784 Anonymous (ht_birthmark_01_mm_151120_12x5_992.jpg 992x415 63kB)
abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/woman-shar es-birthmark-photos-asked-undateabl es-docuseries/story?id=35323689 >>Although she said all the "ingredients" were put in place for bullies, Harford was rarely picked on by her fellow classmates, and she stopped covering her birthmark after college to embrace her natural appearance. She literally just using her conduction just to special.

2 hours later 53008795 Anonymous
>>53007484 Holy shit, that's looks cool. What is it?

2 hours later 53008822 Anonymous
>>53007484 She still looks better than most trashy women you see these days. Shes far to good for me.

2 hours later 53008987 Anonymous
>>53007484 This is not "lowering your standards". She looks good, it's just that mark, but otherwise she looks good. Would definitely date.

2 hours later 53009078 Anonymous
>>53007484 She has had over a dozen boyfriends, I grantee it.

3 hours later 53009161 Anonymous
>>53007484 Where do i go to meet women like this?

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