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2019-06-21 06:48 53007482 Anonymous (1560983951184.jpg 1040x1794 213kB)
If you shave a cis guys entire body, give him perfume, andro clothes and lock his peepee in a pink chastity cage, would his demeanor change? Would he become gentler and more obedient?

1 min later 53007501 Anonymous
why don't you test it on yourself

45 min later 53007951 Anonymous
>>53007482 Ima make this quick; they would be humiliated and angry. How is this a question

1 hours later 53008052 Anonymous
You only need the chastity cage desu Maybe a ballshocker if he's a danger to society

2 hours later 53008870 Anonymous
>>53007482 i'd be pretty neutral on most of that stuff, the androgynous clothes would make me upset. chastity cage would make me rage.

2 hours later 53008962 Anonymous
>>53007482 >lock his peepee in a pink chastity cage That's a good way to get a murder-suicide, degenerate.

2 hours later 53008971 Anonymous
no hed probably chimp out because you didnt condition him to be a sissy slut first, now he just has rage building inside his balls and no pressure release valve

4 hours later 53009814 Anonymous
>>53007482 Absolutely, when denied his manhood he would become more docile and subservient. Maybe he would lash out at first but you could gradually beat that out of him by reinforcing good behaviour. Just look at the men in prison who become people's bitches.

4 hours later 53009828 Anonymous
>>53007482 She looks like a colleague from Uni, only hotter and asian.

4 hours later 53009859 Anonymous
>>53007482 No, life isnt a sissy erotica story, Anon.

4 hours later 53010007 Anonymous
>>53009859 This. You can't change someones demeanur unless they want to change their behaviour or you are using some extreme manipulation/hypnosis shit. Clothes are objects with no effect.

5 hours later 53010410 Anonymous
>>53009859 but what if he had no choice but to comply?

6 hours later 53010452 Anonymous
>>53010410 Read the other replies.

6 hours later 53010579 Anonymous
>>53007482 I wish things worked that way, but no, i don't think that is possible. Though it largely depends on the 'boy' I suppose.

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