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2019-06-21 06:45 53007452 Anonymous (298fa6dea2a6c840ec186c29cb96d231.jpg 530x820 107kB)
What would you do if you hired a live-in maid and she became too out of shape to do her job correctly?

0 min later 53007455 Anonymous
fire her

1 min later 53007466 Anonymous
>>53007452 idk fire her, what do you expect? It's her job.

11 min later 53007564 Anonymous (kurisu-makise-23974.jpg 350x490 19kB)
marry her I just want a chubby housewife god dammit

12 min later 53007575 Anonymous
>>53007564 Kuuurstina is way hotter than any landwhale

15 min later 53007596 Anonymous (54513661_425525608008150_1192903358855662662_n.jpg 1080x1350 116kB)
>>53007575 but imagine her with more weight bro...

18 min later 53007625 Anonymous
>>53007596 No, she is way more hot as her slender self, Okabe doesnt deserve some slob as his waifu

19 min later 53007643 Anonymous (27073v1.jpg 1801x2560 789kB)
>>53007625 imagine having such shit tastes, you sir are downboated xD

22 min later 53007671 Anonymous
>>53007452 That's no problem, well just have to work that weight off in the bedroom. I'll call it her punishment for gaining weight though so she doesnt know I just want to fuck her pudgy body like an animal.

33 min later 53007805 Anonymous
>>53007643 >shit tastes >posts slim loli rlly makes u think

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