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2019-06-21 06:45 53007448 Anonymous (1561071864485.gif 466x466 69kB)
I took hormones for you robots and calling me a testicle-tucker and other names is how you repay my love? Fine, I will NOT let you play with my hormonally enhanced feminine guy body nor my 7 inch benis then. All I ever wanted was to make you all feel good but now the romance is OVER!

2 min later 53007467 Anonymous
>>53007448 What sort of pleasure does writing this give you? Just kill yourself already. Pathetic.

2 min later 53007477 Anonymous
>>53007448 stfu and go kill yourself tranny.

3 min later 53007486 Anonymous
>>53007448 How about cutie? Does that name help repay our debt a little bit? I don't mind working my debt off by giving your pleasure either~

5 min later 53007502 Anonymous
>>53007448 Stop doing this to yourself. It's not too late.

7 min later 53007515 Anonymous
>>53007448 THis is disgusting. This society is disgusting

7 min later 53007521 Anonymous
>>53007477 >>53007467 >tranny It's a me, mr. a-roboto! Don't you recognize me, Luigi?

8 min later 53007527 Anonymous
>>53007448 >Listening to people on 4chan about becoming a trannie Just kys already

34 min later 53007810 Anonymous
>>53007521 l don't get it originalio

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