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2019-06-21 06:44 53007445 Anonymous (lena.jpg 370x370 24kB)
Welcome to the support group, my name is Anon, and I'm addicted to tranny porn. Anyone have something they want to get off their chest tonight?

1 min later 53007453 Anonymous
>>53007445 Yes, I sinned. I sinned by masturbating to Stella Styles.

2 min later 53007469 Anonymous
>>53007445 i have a femdom fetish, but ive been working on it

2 min later 53007472 Anonymous
>>53007453 It's okay, anon, we're all here for you

7 min later 53007512 Anonymous (e96726355ee441893f5ac28d858dfabfe044e013.png 750x1164 969kB)
>>53007445 I too enjoy tranny porn, however I'm more of a hentai fan myself so I find myself jerking off to futa and trap porn I also fap to the idea of a girl fucking my ass, as well as the idea of dating a trans girl, just the idea of a girl with a penis gets me really excited

8 min later 53007525 Anonymous
i think tranny porn is so addictive because it's easier to imagine all the sensations for everyone involved in the scene. even if youve never played with your ass, youve definitely taken a big hard shit before. doesn't mean its pleasurable, its easier to imagine what it feels like. compare that to a woman getting railed in the pussy, you don't know what the hell that feels like for her.

9 min later 53007536 Anonymous (1547064844719.png 800x800 270kB)
>>53007445 My name is anon, I work as a trashman and I'm developing a horrible trash kink

9 min later 53007538 Anonymous
>>53007445 I'm slowly getting into yaoi. That god damn nip nemunemu and his feminine man hentai is too good.

14 min later 53007578 Anonymous
>>53007445 I can't stop thinking about someone and I hate it

25 min later 53007694 Anonymous
Just die, bro.

2 hours later 53008674 Anonymous
>>53007445 I'm addicted to porn in general, but I do have a tranny porn problem.

3 hours later 53009205 Anonymous (1558854308596.jpg 640x640 85kB)
>>53007445 Lord forgive me but i have yellow fever and i have it bad

3 hours later 53009218 kappu (1560298225248.png 1280x720 544kB)
im a girl with a cock

3 hours later 53009263 Anonymous
>>53009218 Are you cute though? that's the only thing that matters

3 hours later 53009267 kappu (1541670653444.jpg 625x938 103kB)
>>53009263 ye people have said i look pretty cute

3 hours later 53009282 Anonymous
>>53009267 Do you like getting your girlcock kissed?

3 hours later 53009372 kappu (8fa0b3af-84b9-45e9-a7ee-77c96a626a2f.png 512x447 159kB)
>>53009282 yessie my gf kisses it a lot and its really cute

3 hours later 53009380 Gaynon (1560576028027.jpg 750x719 130kB)
>>53009267 People can confirm that statement Hi kappu

3 hours later 53009396 kappu (1560219359988.png 376x367 58kB)
>>53009380 henlo gaynon :>

3 hours later 53009410 Anonymous
>>53009372 You should let me join in

3 hours later 53009437 Anonymous (defuck.png 155x179 60kB)
>>53007445 Yeah. My bf tells that I am addicted to hentai. He proposed that I am not allowed to come here for three months or play hentai games. What the shit.

3 hours later 53009463 Anonymous
>>53009437 r u a grill or a fagboy

3 hours later 53009522 Anonymous (SLUUUURP.jpg 800x600 164kB)
>>53009463 Female Christians not even once.

3 hours later 53009544 Anonymous
>>53009372 >transbian Aaaand dropped

4 hours later 53009575 Anonymous (1543377425671.jpg 537x546 268kB)
>>53007512 God I fucking love futanaris, I wish they were real, I would love to marry one and we'd plow eachother in every single hole. Even better I'd love to BE one.

4 hours later 53009607 kappu (1560240408390.png 1000x1000 678kB)
>>53009410 maybe. >>53009544 >implying a sad little fuck like you could ever be within my league

4 hours later 53009696 Anonymous (1285774739864.jpg 900x1200 129kB)
>tfw no gf with a huge cock to suck off I like tranny porn too but I have to do mental gymnastics in order to stop thinking of them as what they are (men) I wish actual girls with penises aka futas existed

4 hours later 53009712 Anonymous
>>53009696 I just want a tranny gf who passes and enjoys using her penis, which is a rarity.

4 hours later 53009723 Anonymous
>>53009696 I love futas but I cant get into tranny porn, the former are just girls with a dick but the latter just make me uncomfortable, is that strange?

4 hours later 53009733 kappu (1559792178607.png 536x428 147kB)
>>53009712 >tranny who passes and enjoys using her penis >literally me irl

4 hours later 53009780 Anonymous (bunzi_buddy.png 894x894 1176kB)
>>53009607 Who is this? I demand an answer!

4 hours later 53009793 Anonymous
>>53009733 You probably don't live near me though

4 hours later 53009796 kappu (imageproxy_ifcdn_com-b848d8e2c1f0c2dcad50dbe29206bd3b509cdd57_0.jpg 400x400 32kB)
>>53009780 im kappu, anon

4 hours later 53009804 kappu (1560224673062.png 371x353 151kB)
>>53009793 and im also taken anon

4 hours later 53009818 Anonymous
>>53009796 n-no the girl you used in your post. wh-who is that? Please don't bully me..

4 hours later 53009860 kappu (4d3e7e9374d74508ce50307d04fb5a02.gif 1000x1600 1165kB)
>>53009818 it's hex maniac dummy head

4 hours later 53009867 Anonymous (1559027478612.jpg 250x250 15kB)
>>53009860 >hex maniac I-I'm not a dummy head.. I just don't know much about pokemon, I-I don't follow it much

4 hours later 53009874 kappu (1560629929395.jpg 284x240 43kB)
>>53009867 what a silly little boy you are, anon.

4 hours later 53009884 Anonymous (1546938717908.jpg 840x700 341kB)
I created a bunch of tulpa cuties in my head. Now my mind's fucked. Soooo many anime girls in there..

5 hours later 53010030 Anonymous
>>53009607 >implying a sad little fuck like you could ever be within my league Look how defensive we got Guess you don't feel so good about mutilating your male body just to satisfy your fetish do you

5 hours later 53010399 Anonymous
>>53007445 I'm embarrassed that I know who that is

5 hours later 53010402 Anonymous
>>53010399 Don't be, she's perfect. Cis girls wish they could be that feminine

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