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2019-06-21 06:41 53007422 Anonymous How'd he do it? (2308328320.jpg 1024x574 95kB)
He got four years probation for borderline hard pedophilia (filming a minor) with HARD EVIDENCE and that case is closed He got racketeering charges where everyone is doing double digits but he dodged the fucking bullet and will be out this year or next year And despite the rumors and allegations about him being a pedophile and a 'fake thug' he still manages to be loved by millions of zoomers How? Is it really the money and the fame? Is that all it takes? If you are a gangbanger but are famous everyone will love you?

12 min later 53007541 Anonymous
>>53007422 yes you stupid fuck. how hard is it for you ignoramuses to understand that life isn't inherently "fair". things don't balance out. if you're a "good" person it does not necessarily mean you will live a "good" life. life is a popularity contest and you lost.

14 min later 53007557 Anonymous (8804w42.jpg 500x466 52kB)
>>53007541 Damn. You didn't have to do us like dat

15 min later 53007561 Anonymous
>>53007422 >but he dodged the fucking bullet and will be out this year or next year he snitched and got a good lawyer. also source >If you are a gangbanger but are famous everyone will love you? he's not a gangbanger he's a zoomer musician wigger >How? the (((marketing agencies and music businesses)))that built him up pushing this shit. look into it. also zoomers are retarded

15 min later 53007563 Anonymous
>>53007422 Lots of money, huge following, good lawyer, some talent. Nigging aside of course.

15 min later 53007566 Anonymous (585CDDB9-8DAC-4284-B699-021C9D9E2BFE.gif 389x413 1921kB)
>>53007422 He's black. Blacks can do most anything and the media won't let the justice system punish them.

15 min later 53007567 Anonymous
Isn't it because he snitched big time?

19 min later 53007601 Anonymous
>>53007422 I saw on Wikipedia that he doesn't get sentenced until 2020. Are you sure you're not doing a false?

20 min later 53007608 Anonymous
>>53007561 >>53007563 Then It's a cold world out there senpai. There's nothing for the little guy

23 min later 53007632 Anonymous
>>53007601 You're right they haven't started the sentencing but most media outlets say he will be out in less than a year https://consequenceofsound.net/2019 /02/tekashi-6ix9ine-no-jail-time/

24 min later 53007648 Anonymous
>>53007601 It's mostly speculation based on his plea deal, but for some reason these media outlets are always right

25 min later 53007666 Anonymous
He's male, the system literally bows down to him. He can do anything he wants because he has a dick, it's unfair

28 min later 53007695 Anonymous
>>53007666 Um no Satana sweetie The system is rigged against men in this century If he was a regular nigga he'd be doing 20+ years just for the pedo shit

1 hours later 53008155 Anonymous
Who cares? He'll overdose soon enough anyway.

1 hours later 53008167 Anonymous
Life is easy mode when you're a confident male.

1 hours later 53008187 Anonymous
it's 100% his looks. this guy is extremely handsome and women love it when 9/10's and up act like they dgaf about life. makes them want to both fuck and nurture him

1 hours later 53008203 Anonymous
>>53007422 True redpill: it doesn't matter how much of a jerk you are if you are charismatic and know how to connect with people.

1 hours later 53008238 Anonymous
>>53007422 she didn't want to press charges and hes a famous rapper with a lawyer whos name rings bells judges main focus is to make sure people are making as much money for the jews as possible. if you are making money they are 10x as likely to let you go. soulja boy was on probation for having a gun. he got caught with a gun AGAIN. as a felon. on probation. for having a gun. they just extended his probation. he got caught AGAIN with live ammunition. they locked him for fucking 8 months. whereas a normal person would be like 2 or 3 years at least. nba youngboy was charged with fucking assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. but he was a celebrity. 3 years probation. for something you would get 10 years prison for. while on probation he got arrested for serious crimes. let him go. he was on probation and got arrested for more crimes. let him go. retty sure it happened a 3rd time and they let him go again. on fucking attempted murder charges. famous dex was caught on camera.. beating the fuck out of his girlfriend. I never heard a single thing about it again. no punishment at all. all he said was no jail and thats it. never saw him caught drugs or go to any meetings or anything. the Danielle brelogi girl got charged with grand theft auto and a bunch of other shit. got 5 years probation. she served for like 12 months of it got a lawyer and said it was interfering with her work and they let her go no questions asked. I keep seeing a shit load of rappers get caught and arrested for shit. dont even see them as much as quit drugs for probation or anything like that. judges have some reason to let them keep making money. I think judges biggest priorities with rich people are to make sure that they keep making money and nothing else. they dont care if they throw unemployed white trash in prison for 5 years or people that work on and off shitty jobs at wendys and burger king. they want the rich out here making money for some reason im not sure why.

1 hours later 53008252 Anonymous
>>53008187 >receding hairline >chubby >retarded face tattoos >average face what >>53008155 he doesnt touch drugs. he doesnt even so much as drink. one of his friends is a famous news reporter and says hes never even seen him take a sip of alcohol.

1 hours later 53008262 Anonymous
>>53008187 Handsome? Black men can never compete with white and asian men in looks, get real.

1 hours later 53008274 Anonymous
>>53007561 >he snitched Yeah he'll be dead if he does even a day in prison then. Snitches get stitches.

1 hours later 53008329 Anonymous
also lets not forget he got arrested while on probation literally the day he started it and where as a normal person would of got locked up for that alone they just canceled his fucking probation!!!!!!!! a normal person would of been picked up in a van by the cops FROM that federal jail as soon as he was done serving time in federal prison from his racketeering charges and the first thing they would make him do is go to court for his probation shit and the judge would send him to prison for violating anyone else would have had back to back prison terms

1 hours later 53008340 Anonymous
rich people don't go to jail

1 hours later 53008344 Anonymous
>>53008274 no he wont hes an international celebrity. hell be locked up in a protective cell where hes mostly monitored all the time and not even step foot anywhere near general population and hell just be isolated in some private cell away from the main prison

1 hours later 53008361 Anonymous
>>53007566 He's not black, he's a spic

3 hours later 53009217 Anonymous
>>53007422 he's fake character and everything that has happened to him is fake. Just like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, etc.

3 hours later 53009247 Anonymous
How could you not slyly route for this guy at one point or another? Fair enough hes easily called a degenerate but if you consider the achievements and other things hes done and continued to do until they locked him, I cant help but laugh at how much people have let him take the piss out of the world and various rules. And whatever people have said, its WAY easier to make mistakes when youre on the platform hes on. A lot of people are easily jealous of people like him because he looks weird, the background he comes from, the fact is he is easily someone anyone could look up to for one reason or another - and that makes people furious. And I love it. Cant wait until he gets out and starts fucking shit up again. Honestly its a thing of beauty Im sure many of us here appreciated.

3 hours later 53009256 Anonymous
>>53008203 Oh God I hope you go on believing that just to find out how untrue that actually is.

3 hours later 53009292 Anonymous
>>53007422 Is he actually a pedo or is this one of those things where he fucked like a 15 year old or something?

3 hours later 53009300 Anonymous
>>53009217 I've heard that about Pac and Biggie but what about Pac's family? were they just shill BP or where they real and he later chose to be "a character"

3 hours later 53009319 Anonymous
>>53009292 Based on the reports and proceedings he never engaged in intercourse with her His homies or the people he was staying with filmed her drunk and high of drugs being indecently exposed She was 13/14 at the time. But in the US that's CP and even if he didn't touch her he still got the wrap for the recorded shit. The rumor is he fucked her but that was disproved. But still people to this day said he fucked her and touched her

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